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Middle Ages
*First triumph of religion
*Triumph of church in christianizing western society
*Church b/c dominant and central institution in western society
Why did the Renaissance occur in Italy
*economic growth
*commercial and financial development
*growing political power of self-governing cities
*great population expansion
Define Renaissance
*A rebirth
*rediscovery and weawakening of culture of ancient greeks and rome
*values human rather than the divine
*studied the classics
*heart of the renaissance
*first artistic and literary manifestations of renaissance appeared here
Black Death
throughout europe - destroyed 1/3 to 1/2 of population (disease..physical agony..was an unknown enemy)
define commune
sworn associations of free men seeking complete political and economic independence from local nobles
stressed personality, uniqueness, genius, and full development of ones capabilities and talents.
*thirst for game/glory/success
*emphasized human beings, their achievements, interests, and capabilities
*humanists studied latin classics to learn what they reveal about human nature
a basic concern with the material world instead of with the eternal world of spirit.
* a secular way of thinking that tends to find the ultimate explanation of everything and the final end of human beings within the limits of what the senses can discover
Economic changes during Renaissance
*people made wealth by loans and charging interest
*merchants and bankers calculated ways of increasing their money
*allowed greater material pleasures, more comfortable life, leisure time to appreciate and patronize the arts
Renaissance Popes
*beautified the city of rome
*patronized the arts
The Prince
*by Machiaelli
*how a ruler should gain, maintain, and increase power
*humans are selfish and out for their own interests
*prince may have to maniupulate ppl (cunning of a fox w/ ferocity of a lion)
*manual on pracitcal survival in a chaotic world
*prince should be feared rather than loved
*politics has its own laws and should be a science
*one social order reflections gods will cannot be established
The printed word
*brought about radical changes
*rulers able to notify ppl
*literacy increased
*ppl coudl be connected even if widely separated by geography
*understanding of the world
*divided into hours allowed work day to b fixed in all seasons
womens role in the renaissance
some held jobs..but still tought of as to be in the home...take care of kids and look after servants
slavery in the renaissance
*many slaves came from differnet ethnic backgrounds - russians, blacks , tartars
*used as slaves adn servants
*used as a display of wealth
Christian Humanists
*more prominent in the north
*wanted ethical way of life - faith in power of human intellect to bring about more and institutinal reform
*northenr art/literature very religious
written by Thomas More
*descirbe perfect society
*absolute social equality
*all educated
*key to improvement and reform of the individual was reform of the social institutions that molded the individual
governments in renaissance
*with taxes provided by business ppl,kings established greater peace and order..essential to trade
*tried to reduce violent, establish domestic order
*dictators of city states- subordinated morality to hard results...rather be feared then loved