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What is art:
1. what does it do?
2. who can make it?
1. art solves a problem
2. only humans
what is art about?
emotions and human concerns
what are the 3 functions of art?
1.entertainment(to enjoy)
2. edification(to educate)
3. exaltation(to worship God)
How long have humans been doing art?
40 thousand years
What was the first type of art?
music (drums- cavemen)
name one art for each sense
hearing- music
sight- painting
touch- sculpture
smell- perfume
taste- food
name 1 art for each dimention
1- music
2- drawing, painting
3. sculpture
4. theatre, dance
what is the 4th dimention?
3 essential for performing arts
Who was John Wolfgang Von Goeth?
lawyer, directer, came up w/ 3 questions
what were the 3 questions john wolfgang von goeth came up with?
what are they trying to do? did they succeed? was it worth doing?
What does GENERAL PARTNER producer do?
makes ALL decisions
gets 50% profit
what does LIMITED PARTNER producers do?
makes no decions
get 50% of profit
Who was David Merric?
world class producer
-died opening night
What does a playwright provide?
general outline
what is tragedy?
a serious of drama
what is heroic drama?
refers to serious drama
-has heroic characters
what is Bourgeois Drama?
drama dealing with everyday life
what is tragicomedy
combines both tragedy and and comic
what is satire?
uses wit and irony to attack evil or foolishness
what is a melodrama?
idealizes human experiences
good vs. evil
Who is dionysus?
greek god of fertility and wine.
Who was Thespis?
worlds first actor
WHat is acropolis?
tall sacred temple for athena
when and What is city dionysia?
end of march each year. religious theatre. took place a theatre.
What does hubis people?
overly proud
What is catharsis?
reaction of the actors purging of PITY AND FEAR
who are choregus?
underwrite played being produced
-pay actors
What are hamartia?
character flaws
what is parados?
where chorus enters
What Does the director do?
s s c c r c
1. Select script
2. select interpret
3. cast show
4. collaborate other artist
5. rehearse cast, blocking
6. coordinate tech element
What function does an interpreter have (DIRECTOR)
find interpatation that playwright would do.
what function does Laisse Faire have (director)
lets actors solve EVERYTHING
What is the liturgical?
part of the medieval mass
what is a miracle play?
miracles performed by saints
whats a moraity play?
a play where morals are taught.
What is the pageant wagon?
Large float (30 ft) 2 stories high.
What is a valenciennes?
town square arrangement. Heaven/Hell
What happens at the bear/bull baiting pits?
bulls and dogs fight. people bet on who will win.
What is the Blackfriars?
the only place in london to see theatre.
What is the globe?
its a theatre outdoors across a river of london.
What is the Master of the Revels?
served as a sensor. much submit play to them.
Who was Christopher Marlowe?
The quenn of england excused his absendences.
What was different abotu shakespheres play writing?
only wrote in scenes instead of 5 acts
Who was Ben johnson?
worked for the thrown, wrote plays for royal state dinners.
Who is Oliver Cornweell?
he concured the thrown for civil govt.