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External development
(3 parts)
1. the manner in which you character moves
2. master gesture - dominent trait
3. your physical movement propels the plot or our understanding of the character
internal development + 3 questions
background of the character
1. what kind of family do you come from?
2. what was your social status?
3. how intelligent are you?
four examples of external development
walk, hands, facial expressions, costume
vocal expression
pitch-high and low
volume- loud and soft
tempo- speed of speaking
phrasing - pause for emphisis
quality - the different sound of voice
inflection - emphasising a certain word
what are three examples of quality
nasal, breathy, accent
movement on stage
a vowel...
resonates through the throat and chest
forms correct diction, does not resonate
diaphragmatic breathing
assists breath control and air capacity
to act without words or sound through facial expressions and gestures
proformance without preporation