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makes all the artistic decsions for the play or musical, time period, direction, blocking, helps develop the characters
a japanese form of improv and drama (1600s)
a researcher of history
handles teh financial aspects (costumes and props)
assitant director
helps director conduct rehearsals, makes phone calls, research
stage manager
in charge of stage crews, gives warning calls for lights, special affects, and curtains
feeds actors their lines if they forget them
properties crew
prepares props lists and locate all props and furniture
business manager
in charge of money, ticket sales
house manager
responsible for the seating adn comfort of the audience, supervises ushers
vibration in throat and chest
diaphragmatic breathing
assists breath control and air capacity
vocal expression
pitch - high and low
volume - loud and soft
tempo - speed of speaking
phrasing - pause for emphasis
quality - the different sound of voice
inflection - emphasising a certain word
what are the three rooms backstage
green room - costume changing, putting on makeup
costume storage
prop room
what is the center of the stage called
stage house
made of mauslim, see-through material when a light is shining on it
a character always needs a ______ when on stage
external development propels the
plot and our understanding of the character
actor's mission statement
to physicalize language - pantomime - to act without words or sounds through facial expressions and gestures
to act spontaneously - improvisation - proformance without preporation
to create and atmosphere - vocal expression, physicalize lang, technical theatre