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wrote machinal
sophie treadwell
wrote waiting for godot
samuel beckett
absurdist story about waiting for this guy to show up, he never does, two ppl become blind and dumb
waiting for godot
mr and mrs smith are characters, explore the use of language as an inadequate tool
bald soprano
wrote bald soprano
eugene ionesco
wrote the decade plays
august wilson
wrote top girls
caryl churchill
marlene runs an employment agency, play has a lot of feminism and a pope
top girls
o Became the way to deal with all of the bad things going on in the world after ww2, “all is meaningless yet we must have meaning, absurdist artists create meaning
theatre of the absurd
Facts, not opinions; about each major character; gender, age, occupation, physical conditions, relationships etc
given circumstances
A strong or exaggerated sense of masculinity stressing attributes such as physical courage, virility, domination of women, and aggressiveness.
what a character wants or needs that drives them through all or most of the play
A movement in the arts during the early part of the 20th century that emphasized subjective expression of the artist's inner experiences.
A comic variety show of the 19th and early 20th centuries, usually featuring white actors in blackface.
minstrel shows
The area of a modern theater that is located between the curtain and the orchestra.
A stage that extends into the audience's portion of a theater beyond the usual location of the proscenium and often has seats facing it on three sides.
what a character is willing to do to achieve a goal; state as active verbs ex cheat lie steal, negotiate, nurture, reach out
sang old man river
paul robeson
black hamlet
ira aldridge
what a character believes to be true and important
worked at yale
lloyd richards
those things that seem spiritual, imaginable, impossible are simply part of reality
magic realism
In the 1660s, Aphra Behn served as a spy in Belgium for King Charles II, who had just gained the throne of England after the rule of the Cromwells. By 1670 her first play was produced, The Forced Marriage, the first in a string of successful plays. During the remainder of her life she wrote plays, poems and novels, and is considered one of the first women professional writers in the English language.
aphra behn
duchess of newcastle, challenged scientists
Margaret Cavendish
one of the more popular and influential playwrights of the '30s and '40s. Her dramas were often politically oriented or socially conscious, and frequently centered on taboo subjects such as lesbianism, as in The Children's Hour, or getting away with murder, as in Little Foxes.
lillian hellman
wrote he and she
rachel carothers
wrote the piano lesson
august wilson
play about husband and wife (ann and tom) who compete in architect thing
he and she
ann and tom's daughter
in he and she, he will not marry a woman that works
in he and she, she recieves a promotion at work
wants to sell the piano
boy willie
wants to keep the piano
wrote bitter cane
ginny lim
o Li-Tai is woman everyone wants
o Wing gets her almost in the end
o Kam Su loved her all along, fought with her in beginning, kills Fook
o Fook is owner of Li-Tai
o Lao is wing’s father, initial lover of li-tai
wrote roosters
Milcha sanchez-scott
son in roosters
father in roosters
daughter in roosters
wife in roosters
wrote necessary targets
eve ensler
o Spoken word; the story of the musical
words to the songs written by the lyricist
music itself written by composer
writes the score
dance and movement
family based variety entertainment, at its peak 2 million families a week went to see the shows
mimicked style of vaudeville but for adults – has strippers, also stand up comedy and variety tricks
evolved from slave stuff but mixed short stories of song and dance and stock characters
minstrel shows
through song, no spoken word, in a particular style – bel canto – lavish set and costumes, orchestra and chorus, expensive
little opera, light romantic musical tales, usually love stories set in exotic locations, has fantasy and beautiful scenery, introduced by gilbert and Sullivan
introduced operetta to US with HMS pinafore
gilbert and sullivan
compose, started at age 19, when 23 wrote alexander’s ragtime band, his best known complete score was annie get your gun, remembered for capturing the moods and dreams of common folk
irving berlin
- wrote series of musicals, “gay divorce”, best known as writer of witty ingenious lyrics, ex “anything goes”
cole porter
– brothers, made sophisticated lyrics “girl crazy” “I got rhythm”
george and ira gershwin
– first mature American musical, addressed issues such as unhappy marriages, interracial marriages, gambling, drinking etc
performer playwright, born 1878, grew up backstage, writer at age 15, credited with 50 plays/musicals
george cohan
plot numbers.. “bewitched, bothered, and bewildered
pal joey
1932 – addresses WWI vets returning to war, bonuses never paid, camped out at white house, called the bonus army “brother can you spare a dime”
libretto fully incorporated
book musical
some of most influential ever, their level was seldom matched ever; opened 17 musicals, 5 of which helped to redefine musicals; “sound of music” tells story of nun turned governess, looks after guy’s kids, her and guy fall in love; “south pacific”- sometimes accused of hurting theatre because so good others tried to mimic them, caused a decline in quality
rogers and hammerstein
by porter after his legs were crushed; based on taming of the shrew; play in a play; won a tony for best musical
o Rodgers and Hart -
kiss me, kate
west side story – retell of romeo and Juliet in NYC; fiddler on roof – story of jew family, a poor milkman and family during time of danger – about faith, tradition and family
jerome robbins
They worked together on about thirty musicals from 1919 until death in 1943. Their breakthrough came in 1925 with The Garrick Gaieties, which featured the hit song "Manhattan." Also did "Pal Joey"
rodgers and hart
The versatile songwriter provided colorful, urban numbers for Guys and Dolls (1950); mainly for vaudeville and radio
frank loesser
American musical comedy of 1956, with words by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. based on the play Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw, about a professor in London who teaches a low-born flower girl how to speak and act like the nobility.
my fair lady
one of best known concept musicals
chorus line
another concept musical, set in 1930s berlin, has many stories centered around the cabaret itself
one of the longest-running and most successful creative partnerships in Broadway history, their bold, brassy style giving rise a series of enormously popular and provocative musicals including Cabaret
kander and ebb
– british invasion, brought over cats, Jesus Christ super star, Phantom from london
andrew lloyd webber
wrote lyrics for west side story,
stephen sondheim
musical by fats wahler, broadway reverts to black people
aint misbehavin
theme statement has
issue, playwright's pov, and support from text
helps the lovers
cowardly warrior like the cowardly lion
Greek Old comedy, wrote lysistrata – satire and sex farse, satirize war, women stop having sex with men to stop the war
“The Method” digging into your own psyche and making the acting real
lee strasberg
loves sex and food, typical servant
first director
george II, duke of meiningen
first greek actor
o events that have taken place off stage that are important, given in narrative
father of tragedy
Oedipus Tyrannus (also known as Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King), is considered by many to be the apex of Greek dramatic irony. His other plays include Antigone, Electra, Trachiniae (The Women of Trachis) and Oedipus at Colonus (produced after his death).
father of greek tragedy
earliest greek playwright
aeschylus, then sophocles, then euripides
most revolutionary Greek tragedian known in modern times.