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Who wrote proof
David Auburn
Who wrote Lawnchair man
Peter ullin
Who wrote Archangels?
Dario Fo
who wrote Andres Mother
terrance McNally
who directed Proof?
randy Reinholz
who directed lawnchair man?
paula Kalustian
who directed archangels?
peter Larlham
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
willing suspension of disbelief
values of art
a. entertainment
b. education/edification
c. enlightenment/exultation
d. economics
10. who is responsible for running a play, producing it, etc.
a. stage manager
11. deportment:
a. conduct/behavior
12. Who was the first actor?
a. 534 BC Thespis becomes world's first actor
13. 3 ingredients to creativity:
a. novelty, value, and passion
14. final scenes in a play that ties up loose ends after climax
a. denouement
15. Most important trait of a playwright is
a. Fidelity to the rules of art
16. Who was the creator of psychodrama
a. J.L. Moreno
17. What type of stage gets rid of scenery
a. Arena format
18. What is not an element of speech
a. Mastication
19. Theater derived from 2 sources
a. Realism/naturalism
b. Came from Greece
c. prehistoric rites/religious practices
25. superobjective
a. the driving force that governs a characters actions throughout the play
26. who cofounded group theater
a. lee strasberg
b. Harold
24. 2 golden eras of theater
musical theater – 1943 -1968
27. Dran
a. Means to do
28. theatron
a. a place where spectators come to watch a performance
29. greek god of theater
a. Dionysos
30. Linear plot
a. the most traditional form of plotting, beginning with exposition and building through a series of minor crises to a major crisis and climax
32. 3 greek tragedians
a. Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides
33. Who wrote waiting for godot
a. Samuel Beckett
34. stage fright is
a. legitimate fear
38. background information
a. exposition
41. essence of dramatic action
42. 6 elements of drama
a. Thought, Theme, Ideas; Action or Plot; Characters; Language; Music; and Spectacle
43. who do oxfordians think wrote shakespeares plays
a. Edward de Vere
44. Politics in theater want to elicit or influence
a. Thought
b. Emotion
c. Passion
d. Action or non action
45. pace
a. rhythm
46. rate
a. how fast you speak
47. blocking
a. movement that director gives the actors
a. The point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series or progression; a culmination.
49. first play in musical theater- 1866
a. black crook
who was monarch in 1603 and who took over
50. Queen Elizabeth I was the monarch, and James I took over in 1603 when she died
52. subtext
The hidden meaning behind a line of dialogue; the real reason a character chooses to speak.
who wrote the lyrics for sweeny todd, etc
53. Stephen Sondheim
54. catharsis:
an emotional release associated with talking about the underlying causes of a problem
56. Norwegian playwrite who is the father of modern drama and wrote a dolls house
a. Ibsen
57. which city is the international capital of the worlds musical theater
58. farm workers theater
a. El Teatro Campesino
59. picture frame stage
a. proscenium
60. 7 fine arts
a. theater
b. dance
c. music
d. painting
e. sculpture
f. poetry
g. architecture
61. what playwright said “art is a hammer”
a. brecht
62. min requirements for theater building
a. place to act and place to wach
63. genre
a. A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, marked by a distinctive style, form, or content
65. who wrote radio doll, African American playwright
a. august Wilson
66. When was Shakespeare born?
April 23, 1564