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Independent theaters: What did they showcase?
Est. to showcase naturalistic and realistic theater that was seen as too controversial by the mainstream, especially in England.
Independent theaters: Why were they exempted by the government?
Because they were organized by subscription companies.
Independent theaters: Why were they presented to audiences?
To showcase new dramatic forms.
What was the most important producing group between the World Wars?
The Group Theater
What was The Group Theater?
A non-commmercial company in New York's Broadway distric.
What was The Group Theater dedicated to producing?
Socially relevant drama and to bring Stanislavsky to the USA.
Who headed the Federal Theater Project?
Hallie Flanagan Davis
When did the Federal Theater Project begin?
During the Depression.
Who did the Federal Theater Project give jobs to?
To the unemployed.
Who did the Federal Theater Project support?
Non-traditional theaters and artitists, including women, African-Americans, and immigrants.
Who were two important American realistic playwrights?
Eugene O' Neil and Lillian Hellman
What plays did Eugene O' Neil write?
The Iceman Cometh, A Moon for the Misbegotten, and Long Day's Journey into Night.
What plays did Lillian Hellman write?
Little Foxes and The Children's Hour
What is symbolism?
A movement that sought to express inner truth rather than represent life realistically.
Where did symbolism plays take place?
In a dream world