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When and where did the story take place?
Main Characters

Who are the main characters in the story?
The main characters in the story include Kit Tyler, Hannah Tupper, The Woods Family,Nat Eaton, and John Holbrook. Althou they weren't mentioned often, William Ashby and Reverend Bulkeley played important roles in this book.The entire Cruff family are also main characters.
Does the setting change during the course of the story?
Yes. The story starts on a ship, the "DOLPHIN" and the it moves n to Whethersfield.
How is the main conflict resolved?
Kit and her friend, Nat Eaton help Hannah escape to another town, Saybrook, on Nat's father's boat. Kit goes to examination but a little girl she knows, Prudence Cruff testifies and saves her.
Main Conflict

What is the main conflict in the story?
The problem in the story is that Hannah Tupper, Kit's friend, is being accused of witchcraft. And,being Hannah's friend, so is Kit.
Is the setting important to the story?
Yes, it is very important you know the setting of the story because many of the events that take place only happen in certain places and in a certain time period in history.
Did any of the main characters change during the course of the story.
Kit Tyler became more useful and started to see the world in a whole new way throughout the story. John Holbrook started to change when he started studying with Reverend Bulkeley.