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What are the kinds of precipitation?
snow, hail, sleet, rain and frozen rain.
What is surface run-off?
much of the water that falls as precipitation does not get soaked into the ground so it runs along the ground to oceans, lakes and rivers.
What is surface water?
water found in oceans, lakes and rivers.
What is Ground water?
water that falls as precipitation and gets soaked into the ground
What is Evaporation?
-Energy from the sun turns liquid water into water vapour molecules

-these water vapor molecules mover very fast and escape into the air.
What is Transpiration?
water that evaporates from the leaves of trees
What is Condensation? (3 things)
-water vapor in the air,from evaporation, cools and turns into liquid water again

-Clouds are formed as water vapor cools

-eventually, the water vapor will come back to the ground as precipitation and the cycle starts over again.
what is the order of the water cycle?
Condensation, precipitation, surface run-off, groundwater, evaporation, transportation and repeat.