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Who is Rachel staying with?
Reverend Slomp
Who was coming to visit Annie and Sini?
Why was she coming at night?
So no one would see her.
What month was it when Rachel came to visit?
How many hours did it take Rachel to get to the house?
Why was Johan angry when Rachel arrived?
Rachel stopped at someone's house to ask where they lived.
How long was Rachel going to stay?
1 day
What did Annie sometimes have to do to Sini to get her to talk to her?
start a fight with her
How old is Annie when Rachel comes to see her?
almost 12 (11)
What did Rachel say that their father wrote about in his letters?
food - he was hungry all the time
Why was Annie and Sini mad at Rachel during their visit?
Rachel complained about Annie being pale, them dressing sloppy and Annie not walking right
Rachel showed Annie and Sini a postcard- who was it from?
Uncle Phil and Grandmother
What two ways did Johan say their father could pay him back for keeping the girls without any money?
he could buy Johan a cow or two real cheap or sell a few of Johan's for more than they are worth
What happened every morning at 9 o'clock during the summer?
Mrs. Groothuis came to get milk
Where is Normandy located?
Once the Allied troops landed in Normandy, when did Sini and Johan think they would be free?
by August
What language did Johan want to learn from Sini?
So when the allies get to Usselo he can ask for cigarettes
Why was Sini worried about Annie?
Annie was mumbling to the window
Annie and Sini wanted to go outside- how long was it since they have been outside?
2 years
How did Johan get Annie and Sini to the wheat field?
he put them in a wheelbarrel and covered them with a blanket
Why couldn't Johan take the girls back to the house at suppertime?
Dientje's sister and niece were at the house.
Why did Annie need a Doctor to see her when she got back to the house?
she got sick from being in the sun for too many hours
Who did Johan go see to find a Doctor that would not talk?
The Hanninks
What city do the Allies to go through before they get to Holland to free them?
What did Johan say he would wear when he comes to see Annie and Sini in Winterswijk?
a suit
What did Mr. Hannink warn Dientje about?
a truck was going house to house checking
Where did Annie and Sini hide when the Germans came into the house?
the closet
what two items did the Germans take when they left?
a pig and the cloth that Opoe was saving
Who did the Germans find and take away?
the farmer, his wife and the 10 Jews that he was hiding
When Mr. Hannink came back to the house what did he tell Johan about the farmer?
someone tipped off the Germans and they knew that all the Jews were there and where the hiding place was
What did Mr. Hannink want Johan to do about this?
he wanted Johan to kill the man who told before he does more harm
What did Johan say?
Who shot the man?
a boy
What did the Germans do since the man was shot?
They arrested several people and then killed them since the killer did not turn himself in.
In the middle of September where were thousands of British parachutists dropped at?
how long would it take to get from Arnhem to Usselo on a bike?
one day
Why was only part of the south of Holland free?
there were more German soldiers in Arnhem than the Allies thought
what were the Germans doing if they got angry at not finding enough men to take away to work for Germany?
they shot people in the streets
why did the Oostervelds use oil lamps at night?
they did not have electricity at night
how much did Dientje change the city people who came to their house looking to buy food?
Why did the Germans come back to the house?
They needed part of the house for their headquarters
what did Johan think was funny about the Germans being in the house?
that the girls and the Germans would be in the same house
What part of the house would the Germans be in?
three rooms in the front of the house
Why did the girls have to stay in the back bedroom?
the front room is right over their offices
What color did Annie and Sini have to dye their hair in case the girls got too close to the windows?
what is the date that the Germans moved into the house and Sini and Annie started to live in bed
October 17, 1944
What did the Germans put in the house that Opoe did not like?
the telephone
What was Annie going to get downstairs while the soldiers were there?
Who did Annie see when she stuck her head into the kitchen?
a German soldier
Why did Annie and Sini get dressed after Annie saw the soldier?
They thought that the soldiers would be upstairs to take them away
Who did Johan tell the soldier that Annie was?
Rikie, Dientje's niece
The Germans were picking men off the streets and Johan did not want to go out -where would he hide?
In Enschede
Where would Johan hide in Enschede?
in a firehouse
Why did Annie and Sini have to go back to the Hanninks and hid in the ground again?
Dientje was worried and felt it was too dangerous to keep the girls
On what night did Johan come back and get the girls?
the 10th night
What did Sini want Johan do do for her because she did not want to stay inside any longer?
ask Mr. Hannink for false identification papers
What job did Sini get?
a maid job
What kind of club did Sini want to join?
a drama club
How long had Annie been upstairs when they had to go into the bomb shelter?
two years 7 months
What did the two bombs hit in town?
the bakery and the parsonage
What did Dini Hannink come and tell the Oostervelds
Canadian soldiers were coming and they would be free by noon tomorrow
What was the date that they were free
April 1st
What did Johan ask the Canadian soldiers for?
What did Sini do to the soldiers?
she climbed on the tanks and kissed them
How long after the war ended did Annie and Sini stay before they went back to Winterswijk?
almost a month
What did Opoe give Annie to take with her to America?
her lace cap
How old was Opoe when Annie took her two children to visit them?
92 years old