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pg. 116 -117.

12. Mawi witnessed his father change? What did he change into? What did they call this?
He changed into a man who felt no control or purpose in life and they called this a black beetle.
pg. 107 - 109

6. What are some of the things he did to the children because of his physical and emotional state?

He made them do chores, and run track.
pg. 110

7. What happened in 8th grade that made Mawi think that maybe his father knew what he was talking about?
They were evicted from their home and needed references to get a new home. Their neighbors gave them a good reference based on how neatly they kept their house.
pg. 106

4. What other physical problems affected Haileab?

He lost his teeth and became diabetic.
pg. 105
2. What caused him to loose his job?

He was losing his eyesight and making mistakes.
pg. pg. 111 -112

8. What happened that caused his father to be arrested?
He burned leaves in the public park.
pg. 106-107
5. How did his physical shape affect his emotional
He became obsessed with househoold details.
He feared lsing control .
pg. 112 - 113

9. Where would they be that Haileab would interrupt programs to read poems?
At conferences with other refugees.
pg. 105

3. Describe the levels of dependence Haileab felt when he lost his job.

He could no longer drive. He was forced to stay in bed on some days when his eyes were swollen.
pg. 114

10. How did Mawi feel about his father when he did this?

pg. 104
1. What kind of job did Haileab get in the United States?

As a Janitor