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What does Prehistory mean?
The time before we had writing.
Name the first indian groups to come to Michigan?
1. The Paleo
2. The Old Copper People
3. The Mound Builders
How did the first people get to North America and where did they come from?
The first people crossed a Beringia (land Bridge) from Asia.
What does Culture mean?
Culture is the way of life of a group of people.
What is a Clan?
A Clan is a group of family members.
Who are the Three Fires?
Chippewa (Ojibway)
Where did the Three Fires settle in Michigan?
Chippewa- Upper Peninsula (hunters)

Ottawa-Along Lake Michigan( fishermen)

Potawatami- Southern part of Michigan (farmers)
What are Manitous?
Manitous are like spirits that gave the indians good luck.
What are Manitous?
Spirits that the indians believed in
What is an expedition?
A trip with a purpose
What is a colony?
Land ruled by another country
What was the Northwest Passage?
A water route through N. America to the Pacific ocean BUT IT DID NOT EXIST
Who are missionaries?
People who teach about their religion to others with different beliefs
Who was Samuel de Champlain?
An explorer who started New France which is now Canada
Who was Etienne Brule?
The first European to come to Michigan
Who was Jacques Marquette?
A missionary who founded Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace
What is a voyageur?
Frenchmen who transported the furs to Quebec in canoes
Why did the French want to trade for the furs?
They were valuable in Europe because animals were rare and beaver pelts made great hats