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What animal has rows and rows of small teeth in it's mouth, gills and throat?
page 6
What animal has a spot near it's tail that looks like an eye?
Page 19
What do lamprey fish eat?
Page 7
How can you tell what a fish eats?
Page 3
What do piranhas eat?
page 4
What happens when the front tooth of a nurse shark falls out?
Page 5
What does a catfish use to feel food at the bottom of the river?
Page 8
What does the electric eel use to kill a fish?
Page 9
Why do the anglerfish use the fins on it's head?
Page 10
Why do the archerfish squirt a jet of water?
Page 11
How do small fish protect themselves?
Page 12
Where is the surgefish's hidden spines?
Page 13
When do porcupine fish puff up?
Page 14
What parts of the fish are covered with the hard bony plate?
Page 15
What is cameouflage?
Page 16
Why do some fish use colors and patterns?
Page 18
Why do the comet fish have a spot near it's tail?
Page 19
What does the stingray do when it is being attacked?
Page 20
Why do the clown fish have a thick layer of slime?
Page 21
What do we call a large group of fish that swim together?
Page 23