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le Ll
Ll leh
i Ii
Ii ih
rre Rrrr
Rrrr rreh
xe Xx
Xx xeh
o Oo
Oo oh
we Ww
Ww weh
ce Cc
Cc ceh
me Mm
Mm meh
a Aa
Aa ah
se Ss
Ss seh
ge Gg
Gg gah
ne Nn
Nn neh
he Hh
Hh heh
ve Vv
Vv veh
~ne ~N~n
~N~n ~neh
pe Pp
Pp peh
u Uu
Uu uh
je Jj
Jj jeh
re Rr
Rr reh
de Dd
Dd deh
ye Yy
Yy yeh
ze Zz
Zz zeh
e Ee
Ee eh
que Qq
Qq queh
ke Kk
Kk keh
chah CH
Chch cheh
fe Ff
Ff feh
be Bb
Bb beh
lle Llll
Llll lleh
te Tt
Tt teh