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the mature bone cells
bone forming cells
break down cells
The axial skeleton has 3 parts name these three
skull, vertebral column, and bony thorax
the bones of the skull are...
cranium, frontal, parietal,temporal, occipital, sphenoid, zygomatic, lacrimal, nasal, vomer and mandible, maxillae
the vertebral column consists of...
cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx
the bony thorax or thoracic cage consists of...
the sternum, ribs, and thoratic vertebrae
the appendicular skeleton consists of...
the limbs, pectoral girdles and pelvic girdles
the pectoral girdle consists of...
the clavicle and scapula
bones of the upper limb consist of...
the humerous, radius, ulna, and the carpals
bones of the pelvic girdle consist of...
the coxal bones
bones of the lower limb consist of...
femur, tibia, fibula, patella, talus, and the tarsals
examples of fibrous joints are...
sutures of the skull
examples of the cartilaginous joints are...
pubic symphysis
examples of the synovial joints are...
all of the limbs