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great debates
television debates between Nixon and Kennedy
Kennedy's secretary of defense
Robert Kennedy
JFK's Attorney General
Trouble in Laos
-Communists threatened the Pro-western gov't in Laos
-Kennedy threatens to use force
-truce arranged by British for Soviets to set up a neutral gov't
-a coalition gov't is formed by US, Russia, UK and eleven other countries
-two years later the communist faction of the gov't backs out
Bay of Pigs
-troops to overthrow Castro are trained in Guatemala
-they are sent to Cuba in April 1961 but are caught and do not succeed in making a big uprising
-they are ransomed for money and JFK takes the blame
Meeting between JFK and Kruschev
Berlin Wall
-begins in 1961 with a fence and then a wall
- Kennedy sent troops over to oppose Kruschev
Flexible response
-having armed forces that could rapidly respond to opposition based on the size and danger of the challenge
alliance for progress
-Kennedy's program with Laitin American countries to supply them with money so they could improve their situations
-this was abused by many Latin American countries and did not help their plight as they ignored their promises they made when they joined the group
-many criticized the program as not being about freedom, but about containing communism
Peace Corps
-young people trained to help poor countries to show US interest in freedom
-not very successful
missile gap
-the idea that the US did not have enough missiles against the USSR
-Nixon believed this since he saw the U-2 plane surveillence
-mutual assured destruction
-Kennedy's policy of having enough weapons to survive a first strike and then retaliate and hit back.
Cuban Missile crisis
-Summer 1962
-soviets build missiles off of cuba
-U2 planes catch this
- In October, Kennedy threatens Kruschev
-Kruschev backs down and out of Russia
test-ban treaty
The outlaw of nuclear tests anywhere, signed by the "Big Three" in June 1963
opponents to Diem who wanted to overthrow him and reunite the country. Diem renamed them the Viet Cong, or Vietnamese communists