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secondary empire
secondary in the sense that it was based on the military technology of Europe, but not controlled directly by a European power in the manner of the primary colonial empires of the period after 1880.
secondary empires were brought about by:
Industrial Europe and its advancements in weaponry and tactics. As guns evolved so did secondary empires.
the famous Zulu age-grade regiment, which was a result of the new shorter, hand to hand combat spear.
1818 ruler of Zulu, militarily aggressive. Instigated wars in northern Natal.
Natal wars, conquest, forced migrations, and regroupings.
Sotho leader, founded Lesotho.
Boer secondary empire
Boer controlled empire by Afrikaners.
Cape colored
racial mixture between whites, Koikhoi, and the slaves produced the racial group.
nomadic pastoral descendants of many diverse groups.
the Great Trek
the Trekboer's movement north partially in response to Britain's outlaw of slavery, led to secondary empire, and a new inter cultural system.
Muhammad Ali
military leader in Ottoman Egypt, strong army led to secondary empire.
informal empire
indirect control similar to secondary empire
Sultan Seyyid Said
Omani sultan, set up secondary empire on Zanzibar.