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that which is of God, the holy
Sacramental Awareness
Special appreciation of the sacred in the world
Sacramental Dullness
The state of being ignorant of the sacred in the world; brought on by 2 things: being overwhelmed by the pain and suffering in the world, or not knowing what to look for in looking for the Sacred
The creative, sustaining, and tranforming self-gift of God that is always being offered to us
Sacremental moments
Occasions in which God has graced a person's life
Body Language
God's body language is what we see in nature and in the world (rain, tree, etc.)
Sacrements (in the broad sense)
god's loving presence made visible and tangible in our life here and now
Sacraments (specific)
Provide an experience of God-- an earthly, bodily experience that is also a spiritual experience
Sacramental Skills
Listening and responding
2 Dimensions of a sacrement
(1) God acts and is present as grace, (2) we respond to God's presence in faith and friendship