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Marcus Garvey
Founder of the UNIA
John Scopes
fined $100 for teaching evolution
Herbert Hoover
became president because of the economic prosperity in the 1920's
Billy Durant
created General Motors in Flint, Michigan
Warren G. Harding
scandalous presidencey led to his downfall
Fordney Mcumber Tarriff
taxed goods from Europe after WWI
membership grew to over 4 million in 1920's
Red Scare
fear and distrust of communists during the 1920's
William J. Bryan
prosecuted the teacher in the "monkey trial"
the belief that America should stay out of the world's problems
gradual disarmament
agreed to by the US & other nations at the Washington Naval Conference
corrupt land deal
Tea Pot Dome scandal
New York
location of the Harlem Renaissance
Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington
famous jazz musicians
he became president after Warren G. Harding
Clavin Coolidge
His model A was popular in the 1920's
Henry Ford
Mitchell Palmer
sought out communists in the 1920's
1st paved road in the US
NAACP worker fought against lynching and for black rights
James Weldon Johnson
illegal bar during prohibition
First paved road in the world
1st woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Amelia Earhardt
Ohio Gang
Warren Harding's corrupt cabinet
gave people the ability to buy more in the 20's
Dow Jones
measuring tool for the stock market
buying stock with little or no information about the company
capital gain
when you sell a stock for profit