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Which character was being tormented by "Surround and Pound"?
What famous literary figure was described by Catalina as "not trying to stop anyone or change anyone, she was just trying to write her story"?
Anne Frank
Name the Student Council member who blamed certain students for abusing the system, and losing all students access to the network?
What was the hypothesis of the "Bully Lab"?
"Bringing bullying and harassment incidents to light among the whole student body in a school will result in these incidents happening less often, and being less severe." (paraphrase such as talking about bullying will lead to less of it)
Who did the future interview headline "Inside the Mind of a Predator" refer to?
Who narrates the story of "The Revealers"?
What is the "Revealer"?
It’s a mass email within the school sharing instances of bullying and being bullied
What kind of a musical instrument rented by Catalina is described as sounding like a "drunk moose"?
Where do Russell and Richie meet secretly to talk at school?
The boiler room
Where was Catalina born?
Luzon or Philippines
Identify 2 of 3 of the Jock Rots:
Burke (Brown), (Big) Chris, Jon (Blanchette)
When Elliot snaps what does he hit the Jock Rots with?
A black sock full of marbles
Who is described as the "ruler of the top clique of girls"?
Bethany (Demere)
What kind of living creature is Elliot obsessed with?
Who writes the slanderous story against Bethany that gets the Revealer in trouble?
Bethany (Demere)
Which of the Jock Rots stayed to help when Elliot was dropped off of the bridge?
(Big) Chris
Who is Russell's favorite superhero and why?
Daredevil, even though he is blind he is the Man Without Fear
Who were drawn as "The Cat and the Rats"?
Elliot, Russell and Catalina
What famous inventor's mention inspires Catalina to write her story, and who mentions him?
Charles Goodyear (vulcanized rubber) mentioned by Mrs. Trainor
Give at least 3 descriptive details of how Catalina is introduced:
new this year,; different-looking; tall; skinny; big squarish glasses; straight, extremely dark hair, almost black, hung beneath her ears; face was the color of coffee ice cream; behind her glasses, expressionless (blank look)
When and where did Russell first meet Elliot?
Who rescues Russell from Burke Brown and Jon Blanchette?
Richie (Tucker)
How does Mrs. Hogeboom describe "the establishment" that the Revealer is challenging?
The way people imagine things have to be, especially people who have power (or paraphrase)
Where did Catalina's name come from?
The flying boat, the PBY Catalina, an American Naval Patrol plane in the Pacific during WWII; her grandfather Diodado chose the name
What causes Elliot to curse in the school hallway getting him detention?
Burke causes Elliot to trip in his crutches
Name the Student Council member who praised the Revealer as making a big difference:
What is the real name of the Middle School that Elliot, Russell and Catalina attend, and what do they call it?
Parkland, nicknamed Darkland
What is a Guapple?
hard fruit, like an apple but sweeter and softer in taste
What movies do Elliot and Russell together, and Catalina with Allison go see?
The Obliterator, and Forever Yours respectively
Why does Catalina start crying after the movie?
She misses her mother, and her mother can not afford to call, and her dad only lets her call once a month to the Philippines
Where do the Bully Lab end up presenting their data?
Creative Science Fair
At the end of the book what dies Richie do to even the score with Russell?
He buys him a root beer to replace the one he had spilled
What cartoon character does an anonymous note meanly compare Catalina to?
Olive Oyl
What disturbing news about the Revealer's distribution does Ms. Hogeboom share with Russell
It was accidentally emailed to the whole school not just the student body!
What is the name of the lawyer who gets angry at the revealer and whose father is he?
Mr. DeMere, Bethany's father
Name the store and street where Richie and Russell have several unpleasant and one pleasant meeting:
Convenience Farms on Chamber Street
Why doesn't Russell get Richie on tape for the interview?
Richie smashed his tape recorder
Who is forced to announce that KIDNET access is being permanently restricted for students?
Mr. Dallas
Whose story is the last one mentioned in the book?
Russell's (he never tells his story until he reveals in the last pages that this is his story)
What did Russell spend the money on that his mother gave him everyday?
A rootbeer
What was Russell's favorite brand of soda?
Why did he like this particular soda the best?
Because it is the rootbeeriest!
What was the nickname that students had for Parkland Middle School?
As the story opens,Russell is in what grade?
Russell is telling a story about what happpened to him when he was in what grade?
The three main characters' experiment was originally called this.
The Bully Lab
They enetered their project in what school contest?
Mr. Dallas's CreativeScience Fair
What did the students call the school's LAN?
Parkland's principal was?
Mrs. Capelli
The principal gave Mr. Dallas how many weeks before she would suspend student access to SchoolStream except for retrieving infromation from the Library?
2 weeks
How much money did Russell's mother give him each day?
What is the name of the computer lab teacher and network administrator?
Mr. Dallas
The main characters changed the named of their experiment to this.
The Revealer
What book were students in Mrs. Hogeboom's social studies class reading?
Anne Frank
Who were the three main characters in this novel who came up with the idea of giving students a place to share their bullyng stories?
Russell, Elliot and Catalina
Who was dropped off a bridge by three other kids?
Which student was obsessed with dinosaurs?
Who is the narrator of the story?
Russell Trainor
What character was called "Olive Oyl"?
Catalina Aarons
Why was she called "Olive Oyl"?
Because of the color of her skin
What was the name of the student that submitted a made-up story about being forced to write a paper for another student?
Bethany DeMere
Where did Russell buy his soda each day?
Convenience Farms
Who bullied Russell at the beginning of the story but ended up buying him a rootbeer by the end of the story?
Richie Tucker
What was the name of Russell's favorite superhero?
What did Russell fold up into a tight little square and keep in his pocket at school?
A full-page picture of Daredevil
Why did Russell avoid going to his locker more than once a day?
To avoid running into Richie.
Which student did Russell consider to be at the bottom of the social scale at Parkland Middle School?
Elliot Gekewicz
What was the official name of the school's LAN (Local Area Network) that students used to send messages to each other?
What was the term the students used when they got on the LAN together and talked by typing?
Where was Catalina from?
Manila in thePhilipines
How did Russell describe the color of Catalina's skin?
The color of coffee ice cream
Burke Brown, Jon Blanchette and Big Chris Kuppel were nicknamed this by Elliot.
The Jock Rots
What was the name of the area in the cafeteria where the three main characters would eat lunch?
Bun Appetit
The three main characters called themselves this.
The Revealers
Who invited Catalina to see a movie with her group?
Allison Kukovna
Why does Catalina cry after seeing the movie, Forever Yours?
She misses her mother
Who suggests to Catalina that she stay in contact with her mother through e-mail?
After seeing Welcome to the Bully Lab at the Science Fair, who praised the project and caused the principal to only ban KidNet for 2 weeks?
Dr. David Bennett, the school board chair
Who broke Russell's mother's tape recorder during an interview?
Richie Tucker
In The Revealers, what is the name of the middle school?
Parkland Middle School
In The Revealers, how much money did Russell's mom give him for an after-school drink?
One dollar and ten cents $1.10
In The Revealers, what is the name the students gave their middle school?
Darkland Middle School
In The Revealers, who was Russell's favorite comic book character?
In The Revealers, Elliot is obsessed with these animals.
In The Revealers, what did the student's call the LAN, Local Area Network?
In The Revealers, what is the cruel nickname given to Elliot?
Bird Boy
In The Revealers, what is the official name of the school's LAN,Local Area Network?
In The Revealers, how long did Mrs. Capelli suspend the school's network?
Two weeks
In The Revealers, what was the project called that Russell, Elliott and Catalina entered in the science fair?
The Bully Lab
In The Revealers, what was Mrs. Capelli's position at the school?
In The Revealers, whose diary was Mrs. Hogeboom's class reading?
Anne Frank
In The Revealers, who was the bully who terriozed Russell?
Richie Tucker
In The Revealers, where is Catalina from?
In The Revealers, Catalina was learning to play what musical instrument?
In The Revealers, who is the narrator of the story?
In The Revealers, the sixth graders mummified what animal for the science fair?
In The Revealers, what is the occupation of Russell's mom?
Environmental Engineer
In The Revealers, what is the occupation of Bethany's father?
In The Revealers, at first The Revealer was sent only to students in what grade?
Seventh grade
In The Revealers, what was the address on SchoolStream for The Revealer?
In The Revealers, what was the challenge to the students for the science fair?
Create something that tests an original hypothesis
In The Revealers, what is the name of the teacher in charge of Kidnet?
Mr. Dallas
In The Revealers, what three things was Catalina named after?
An American naval patrol plane in the Pacific during World War II, a Catholic saint and a Pontiac car
In The Revealers, why did some of the girls call Catalina Olive Oly?
Because of the color of her skin
In The Revealers, what were the names of the Jock Rots?
Burke Brown, Jon Blanchete, Big Chris
In The Revealers, the Jock Rots dropped Elliot off of this.
A bridge
In The Revealers, what are the three levels of access on KidNet?
The highest is Staff, the second is MidStream and the third is Library
In The Revealers, how do most kids use KidNet?
To send messages to each other
In The Revealers, who helped Russell get Elliot out of the water when he was thrown off of the bridge?
Big Chris
In The Revealers, what was the name of the movie that Russell and Elliot went to see?
The Obliterator
In The Revealers, what were Elliot's injuries from being thrown from the bridge?
Minor concussion, abraded arm and a badly sprained ankle
In The Revealers, who was Russell paired with to conference on the Anne Frank essay?
Bethany DeMere
In The Revealers, where is Russell going to meet Richie for his interview?
In the broiler room.
In The Revealers, what was the name of the eighth graders project at the science fair?
The Answer Guys
In The Revealers, The Class Gas-O-Meter, at the science fair measured what?
The levels of CO2 in classrooms
In The Revealers, who is the author of the book?
Doug Wilhelm
In The Revealers, what grade is Russell in?
Seventh grade
In The Revealers, what is the name of the store where Russell goes after school for a drink?
Convenience Farms