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Hundred Years War
*Caused by the death of King Charles IV of France who died without an heir
*between France and England
Baldassare Castiglione
The most influencial book on education called the courtier, seeks to train young men on become a Renn Man
*Each of the various trades was self regulated by groups known as guilds, which are somewhat similar to unions.
*Their role to oversee trade in their craft and maintain high standards
Invented printing press which combined with the advent of cheap paper allowed lit to spread rapidly throughout the world
Charles IV
King of France who died without an heir and caused the Hundred Years War
A child prodigy noticed for his ability at 13
Heroic nude male was his fav subject
Painted teh Sistine chapel, famous for Adam
Mary holding Jesus, David
Black Death
*Deadly plague that spred across Europe from 1346-1352
*Appeared in three forms and was caused by bacteria
*killed over 1/3rd of poplulation
Knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome was rediscovered and made the Europeans eager to learn about the world around them. The study of ancient literature became known as humanism.
Philip VI
*Cousin to Charles and a group of French Barons proclaimed him king
*Supported by rich
Christian Humanism
some similar views of the HR idealism rationalism adn deep love for classical lit.
deeply concerned with church
*a complete break from the middle ages
*modifications were less drastic and happend overtime
*only should apply term to arts and culture
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Painter of the N during 16th Century
Painted peasents
Edward III
*Claimed the crown as his mother was the sister of Charles IV
*Supported by merchants
Neo Platonism
the most important movement of the time was Neo-Plaronism which combined Christianity with Plato, he encouraged free will and Platonic love
Cosimo Medici
outnumbered his enimies and became the unakknowledged ruler of France
Leonardo Da Vinci
culmination of this period
he pushed the envelope of art well beyond the classical and forged his own unique style
Joan of Arc
*Seventeen year old peasent girl who claimed 3 angels told her to fight the war against England
*Convinced Charles to let her fight
*She was captured and burnt as a witch
One of the first writers to write in varnacular, as opposed to Latin he was famous for his love stories
Lorenzo Medici
hailed as "the magnificent" because of his lavish lifestyle.
*mastered both linear and atmospheric perspective
*poetic truth and beauty
wrote the prince while in exile from Florence, his aim was to provide a manual for Italian leaders to develop an Italian state
Albrecht Durer
Known for self portriats
Knight Death and Devil was his masterpiece
the first artist to incorporate linear perspective into his work
tribute money introduced chiaroscuro, which is a technique that creates depth
The Prince
Perhaps the most read and influential piece of literature published during the time
Textual Criticism
*This field studied the evolution of language so that documents could be proved authentic
*Donation of Constantine
*obsessed with realism
*famous relief called feast of herod (perspective)
*stature of david was sensuous
Medieval Art
AD500- AD1400
*stained glass, paintings, tapestries
*to teach religion
*subjects religious, flat with stiff looking people fully clothed
Dante Alighieri
Most famous work is Divine Comedy
Renaissance Art
* sculptues murals drawings
* bodies look active
* real people doing real things
* faces express
Charles V HRE
in 1519 he ruled the largest empire ever known
Desiderius Eramus
the most outstanding amoung the humanist, wrote Praise of Folly and poked fun at everyone
Charles VIII
french king who invaded italy, but was driven out by Spanish HRE and Pope
Classical Art
*Sculptures painted pottery murals
*to show leaders and gods
*bodies nude, active, perfect
*little background
Franscois Rabelais
prominent French humanists who wrote two staritirical adv stories, Pantagreul adn Gorgantua
William Shakespeare
considered greatest playwrite of all time
wrote during peace
*the most gifted painter
*ability to combine secular and sacred
*School of Athens
*Virgin Mary subject