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What are the names of the key city-states of Italy?
Venice, Pisa, Gena, & Florence
what does "Renaissance" mean?
A french word coined in the 1800's meaning "the rebirh of classical learning"
the 2 industries that began in the city-states during the Renaissance
banking and wooling
what is a humanist?
one who teaches grammar, poetry, and history
Who is Machiavelli and what did he write?
Machiavelli wrote the Renaissance handbook entitled "The Prince" for rulers of the Italian city-states. He taught that a ruler should adopt a realistic course of action to stay in power and should use any methods to achieve his power. He advised the use of cunning, diplomacy, and ruthlessness.
Compare Machiavelli to Thomas More.
Machiavelli believed in doing anything to achieve political power, where as Thomas More held Christian beliefs and believed that the whole society should make an effort to work together.
father of Italian prose and wrote the book "Decamaron"
Writer of the book "The Book of the Courtier", he is an educated aristocrat who is generous, polite, learned, and talented. His book is a manual.
was a slorentine painter- made flat come to life- major use of light- first to paint from nature- fresco- works include: Belfreti Tower, Marriage of St.Francis to Poverty, and Glorification of St.Francis