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The First Punic war was mainly fought over what mass of land?
Which force eventually conquered Sicily?
What were the rules set out in the resulting peace treaty?
Rome gets Sicily, and Carthage has to pay massive reparations
Where did Carthage turn its attention after the war?
Spain and its mines
A treaty was fixed, stating that the borders between the two powers would eventually be set at a river. What is the name of this river?
The Carthaginians soon attacked a city on their side of the river that was engaged in a peace treaty with Rome. What is this city named?
How many elephants did Hannibal take with him over the Alps?
How many of these elephants survived the crossing?
1 - It became Hannibal's personal mount.
What tactics did the Romans use to wither down Hannibal's large army rampaging through Italy?
Guerilla tactics
What are the names of three major battles in the Second Punic War lost by the Romans?
Trebia, Trasimene, Cannae
While all this is going on, what famous Roman general is capturing all of Carthage's possessions in Spain and cutting off Hannibal's supply lines?
Scipio Africanus
This general then attacks Carthage. What happens as a result of this?
Hannibal is recalled to defend Carthage.
At what decisive battle is Hannibal defeated, and where did it happen?
The battle of Zama, outside the gates of Carthage.
What are the results of the peace treaty following this battle?
Carthage loses Spain and Numidia, has to pay reparations, and can no longer declare war without Rome's permission.
Name three reasons for the boom in the Roman economy after these wars.
- mines in Spain
- economic monopoly over western Mediterranean
- reparations from Carthage
What act provoked Carthage's independant declaration of war?
Numidians were raiding Carthaginian border farms.
What tactics did Rome use to defeat Carthage this time?
They used a lengthy siege.
How did the Romans keep this up, especially due to the presence of connections from the outside through the Mediterranean?
In true Roman fashion, they built a massive wall in the sea around Carthage.
What happens to Carthage once it is defeated?
It is burned to the ground.
What happens to its inhabitants?
They are killed or sold into slavery.