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What is Protestantism?
A Protest against the curch.
What does "Reformation" mean?
A change in the church's ways of teaching and practicing Christanity.
A Change in what....
Who was Martin Luther?
A professor and a priest.
Two things both starting with the letter "p".
What was his main belief?
His main belief was justification by faith.
No amount of work will get you saved.
How could people be made good or just be good?
By having faith in god and could not be made good by doing th 7 sacraments which are
1. Baptism
2. Conformation
3. Communion
4. Pentance
5. Matromony
6. Holy orders
7. Extreme something
What other beliefs did Luther have?
> Sermons and bibles should be in the vernacular
> Rituals should be simplified
> The church needs to be more spiritual, less wordly
> No confessions to a priest
> Less hierarchy in clergy-no pope
> Priest should marry
There are six of them....
What were the Church abuses?
> Nepotism
> Simony
> Indulgences
> Sold indulgences to the families of the deceased ( John Tetzel)
> Leo X raising money to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica
There are five of them...
What does "Nepotism" mean?
Giving positions to relatives/close friends
giving of something...
What does "Simony" mean?
Paying for a position in church
paying for something...
What are Indulgences?
Payments for certificate that cancelled or reduced punishment for sins -> Admission to heaven
Paying for a certifitcate for what?
How did Luther respond to the church abuses and when did he respond?
October 31, 1517
He nailed placard with 95 theses about the corruption in the Catholic Church on the doors of the Wittenberg Church.
What are "theses"?
Would Luther withdraw his criticisms about the catholic church?
It is not yes...
What is the "Diet of Worms"?
When German Princes asked Luther to take back his statements and when he refrused, he was condemned as a heretic. There for he went into hiding.
This caused him to go into hiding...
What did Luther do while he was in hiding?
He translated the Bible into German so common people could read the bible.
What are the tenants of Lutheranism?
> Salvation (Heaven) by faith in god and not good works
> Religious truth and authority could come from the bible only.
What is a church to Luther?
A community of believers.
Clergy is what?
Clergy is a vocation or life calling and is just as important as other vocations.
By the 1550's what happened to Lutheranism?
Lutheranism spread throughout Germany and was made official religion in some areas.
What carried Lutheranism to other countries?
Why did Henry VII split from the Catholic Church?
The pope would not grant him a divorce from Catherine of Argon
Why did the King want a divorce?
Catherine gave him a daughter but he needed a male heir to run the country
Where did he rally support from and what did the show?
The Parliment and it showed that people supported the idea
How many wifes did Henry have?
What was the name of Catherine of Argon's daughter?
Mary or Queen Bess/ Virgin Queen
When and who did Mary take throne after?
In 1553 and Edward
What did she restore?
She restored catholicism "Bloody Mary"
How long did Mary rule for?
46 years
What wife finally gave Henry a son and when and how did she die?
Jane Seymour died after giving birth the Edward VI
What age did Edward live to?
12 years old
How was in England ruled when he was in power?
England was ruled by the protestant council
Who was the leader of Calvinism?
John Calvin
Where was he born, where did he move to and what did he write?
He was born in France/moved to Geneva/wrote INSTITUTES of CHRISTIAN RELIGION
What were his beliefs?
> God is all powerful and all knowing
> God directs the past, present, and future
> Predestination
What does Predestination mean?
God determines each person's fate or whether they go to heaven
Who was his supporter?
John Knox
Where was his religion taken and what was it called?
Scottish took the religion to Scotland and it was called Presbeterianism
(Used to encourage moral people to overthrow tyrannical rulers)
Calvinism in practice was...
A government without a king in Geneva, Switzerland and it was called "City of Saints"
What does "Consistory" mean?
council or 12 members that controlled all aspects of daily life or what some like to call spies
Name the strict laws that were created...
> No Smoking
> No Drinking
> No Gambling
> No Cards
> No Swearing
> No Dancing
> No Fighting
Whre did Calvinism flourish and why?
> Easy to set up-lay people (church members) run church
> Democratic leadership made members loyal to the church
Radical Reformers or Anabaptists would only admit members as adults through what?
What did they refuse to do?
Refused to live by the laws of the government.....
For Example, they didn't take oaths
What is the Counter Reformation?
The Catholic reformation
Why did Catholics in Europe want to reform?
Because Protestantism was becoming very popular
How did the reformation start?
It started with the evaluation of the Catholic Church by Pope Paul III - What and how reform should happen
What did the report blame?
It blamed the church's leaders and declared that protestants needed to be brought back to the Catholic Church
What needed to be stopped?
What is the definition of "Inquisition"?
The Church court to find heretics
What needed to be riditalied and what needed to be restored?
Non-catholics/ Pope's authority
What kind of books were banned?
Humanist books that influenced the reformation
-List called an INDEX
>Decamerone and Galileo's work
What was called by Pope Paul III to define the offical doctrine?
The Council of Trent
One could only fine salvation through what two things?
Faith an Works which were opposite of protestantism
What was the only acceptable version of the bible?
What were there no more sellings of?
All priests had to be trained where?
In a Seminary
The service was in what language?
Latin, not vernacular language
The rituals were enhanced by what kind of art and what were some characteristics of it?
Baroque- Very dramatic, Exaggerated, a Symmertical
Who were the Jesuits and what does "Jesuits" stand for?
The Jesuits were one group of catholics that acted as missionaries in Europe and it stands for Society of Jesus
Who was the founder?
Ignatius Loyola
How were they alike monks and how were they not alike?
They dressed and acted like monks but did not withdraw from the world
Where were the first missonaries?
India, China, Japan, Brazil, and Ethiopia
What kind of colleges did they found and what did they teach among them?
Liberal Arts Universities (John Carroll University) that taught Roman Catholicisn and humanist subjects
Some Protestant areas...
won back
Europe split between what two religions?
Protestantism (N) and Catholicism (S) Which ended the unity of europe
The religious tension caused what?
War in 1545
What event occured in 1600?
Peace of Aygsbur in Germany
This did what?
Strengthend civil rule over religious nation- states gained power, church courts abolished, countries confiscated
The Edict of Nantes (Place and year) and the Toleration Act (Place and year) supported what?
(France and 1598)(Britain and 1689) encouraged religious tolerance and eduction and interest in the bible
Radical Anabaptists took over where?
The majority of them were killed by who and why were they killed?
Lutherans and catholics for Polygamy, Cenorship, and theft
Many immigranted to where, when, and why?
North Ameria in 1600's for religious freedom and separation of church and state