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Who are the reds?
Marxist Communists
Who are the whites?
Anticommunists who supported a parliamentary style government
-supported by Russia's allies in WWI
"red Terror"
Whites arrested, tried, and executed
-Lenin's secret police killed 200,000 oponents
War Communism
A politidcal Economic system emerged from the Civil War
-use of harsh tactics
October Manifesto
Called for the formation of Russia's first parliament, the imperial Duma.
What happened in March 1917?
March Revolution
March Revolution
caused bc:the defeats of the war, the discontent of the people, and the weakness of the czarist autocracy.
-Strike by woman textile workers
-led to city-wide work stoppage
-riots broke out over shortages of food and fuel
-soldiers joined the rebellion siding with workers
What happened in November, 1917?
the Bolshevik Revolution
-Russians seized power bc PG lost support of army, Lenin=strong leader.
The Bolshevik Revolution(russian revolution)
Lenin's supporters, led by Leon Trotsky, seized gov't buildings in Petrograd and arrested the members of the Provisional Gov't.
the Duma
Russia's first parliament
The Provisional Government
Gov't set up after the czar's fall.
-led by Alexander Kerensky
-represented educated Russians who had adopted liberal, democratic ideas from the West.
-Kerensky wanted to continue war against Germany and set up a Western-style parliamentary gov't.
representative council to lead the strikers after Nicholas II refused to give reforms
Lenin and his followers
devoted his life to overthrowing Czarist rule and setting up a socialist state.
-leader of the Marxist Revolutionaries
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Bolshevik leaders signed this treaty to accept German terms for peace, since they were defenseless.
Nicholas II
became Czar in 1894
-member of the Romanov family
-wanted to make Russia a respecetd world power
-russian autocracy
Bloody Sunday 1905
Workers of St. Petersburg marched unarmed to the royal palace to ask Nicholas II for reforms.
-palace gaurds opened fire at the crowd
-killed/wounded hundreds
-incident sparked widespread strikes
-caused Soviet to form
Leon trotsky
organized military take over
-leader of the Bolshevik Revolution