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Water Cycle
Water vapor, clouds, rain and the ocean are parts of the ?
---- is a process that changes a liquid to a gas
A gas changes to a liquid by a process called----
-----is any form of water that fealls from clouds
The up and down motion of water is called a ----
storm surge
A large wave caused by strong winds is called a -----
Changes in ocean level caused by the pull of the sun, moon, and earth
surface current
A river of water in the ocean from blowing winds form a----
deep ocean current
When cold dense ocean water meets and flows beneath warmer ocean waters it forms ---
shore zone
Many important resources are harvested from the oceans ------
continental shelf
A gently sloping part of the ocean floor near the shore.
abyssal plain
A big flat area of the ocean floor that is covered with a thick layer of sediments
When two of earths ocean plates collide they can form a deep vally called a ---
mid-ocean ridge
The longest chain of mountains on EArth