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Symbol for the elements Nitrogen and Oxygen
A naturally occuring element that gives growth
A naturally occuring element that helps us breathe
A stable nitrogen; 2 nitrogen cells put together; unusable
A stable oxygen; 2 oxygen cells put together; unusable
A mutual relationship between 2 organisms that is helpful.
A plant that makes nitrogen unusable.
Examples of Legumes
Soybeans; Peas; Alfalfa; Clover
How much percent of the air is nitrogen?
What roles do legumes play in the nitrogen cycle?
The housing for bacteria that fix the nitrogen.
Why is fixed nitrogen important?
Only one that is usable to absorb and grow by.
What role does decay play in the nitrogen cycle?
Releasing unusable nitrogen into the air from dead tissue.
Describe how excess nitrogen from the argriculture can kill fish?
When the plants start to die, it removes oxygen from the water.
Unusable nitrogen made into usable nitrogen by lightning and bacteria.
Lightning Fixation
Combines the stable nitrogen and stable oxygen and turns the unstable unusable nitrogen into usbale nitrogen, it goes up into the air.
Bacteria Fixation
The process of changing non-usable nitrogen into usable nitrogen. (In legumes).
Free Bacteria Fixation
Free bacteria that is in animals and the ground, dead plants. Bacteria that is found in the ground that converts (makes) that any plant can pickup.
Nitrogen Cycle
The circulation of nitrogen and its different forms by living organisms and lightning in nature.
Cover Crop
gives nitrogen to the soil
Where outgrown bacteria live (their homes) in the legumes, in roots.
It takes usable nitrogen and makes it unusable when an organism dies.
Acid Rain
Extra nitrogen and sulfur (S) that is released into the atmosphere that is caused by cars, factories, then it rains and causes acid rain.