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Who is Lydia in relation to Waldo?
Lydia is his wife.
What town is Thoreau being held in?
Concord, MA
What disease kills John?
Who is taught to spell their name by Thoreau?
What is Bailey's crime?
He burned down a barn.
What does "huckleberrying" mean?
Hunting around for information on one's own instead of learning from textbooks.
Thoreau married Ellen.

True or False?
How did John contract his disease?
a) He fell into a pond in the winter.
b) Food poisoning.
c)He cut himself on a rusty razor.
C) He cut himself on a rusty razor.
Who wished Henry to be their father?
What did Henry say we were all interconnected to?
A Universal Mind.
Fill in the blank.
"If the law is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another, then I say,______________."
Break the law.
Why was Thoreau incarcerated?
He refused to pay taxes.
Why did Thoreau refuse to pay histaxes.
He believed that The United States government's involvement in the Mexican War was unjust and refused to support it with his tax dollars.
What phrase did Waldo say at the end of an address to indicate his opposition to conformity?
Cast Conformity Behind you.
Who is the general in Thoreau's dream?
How does John die in Henry's dream?
He is hit by a bullet.
What does Williams call Canada?
What is a "work-slave"?
A work slave is a person in the North who is a slave to work because of the 10 hour work day.
What is a "money-slave"?
A money slave is a person in the North who is slave to money because he/she are constantly worried about how he/she will pay next month's rent.
What did Williams decide his free man's name would be?
Henry Williams.
What was Thorea's message when discussing the loon and the respect in calling someone a "loony"?
His message was that animals are a great deal more civilized than humans and that humans should have more respect for animals because of that.
Why does Thoreau think people go where they are supposed to be?
He thinks that people go where they are supposed to be so that they will be liked.
The Deacon told Henry that he and his parishioners had been "feeding their souls" and Henry responds with, "How selfish." What did he mean by this?
Henry meant that they should be out giving to others rather than sitting in a building and helping only themselves.
Why was Henry angry with God?
He thought John's death was unjust and wondered why God hadn't seen the "godliness" in John. He thought God had stopped listening.
What does Ellen say to Henry in order to sooth his grief at John's death?
She tells him that God lets people be hurt so that they can transcend the pain and that, though Jon isn't living, he still continues to be.
Why does Thoreau ask Waldo for a piece of land in his woods?
Thoreau wants to conduct an experiment by living away from society.
How does Henry soothe Edward when he spills his basket of berries?
Henry tell Edward tht he has just helped to plant generations of huckleberries and that that is the way nature intended it to be.
Why is Lydian worried about Henry staying with her while Waldo is away?
Lydian is worried that "accidental love" will form.
Why does Henry shout at Williams when he asks "Could I call myself 'Mr. Henry's Williams'?"?
In saying "Mr. Henry's Williams", Williams is suggesting that he is the property of a person and Henry wants him to understand that he belongs to no one.
What is the slavery in the North that Henry speaks of?
Henry says that people in the North are slaves too because they work 10 hour days and worry about how to pay next months rent. They become work- and money-slaves.