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Sensory fuction( gathering information):: inside body?
like ion/ nutrient levels
Sensory fuction( gathering information):: Outside Body?
temperature, sounds, light, oxygen levels
Integrative functions (bringing information together):
thoughts or decision making + sensations or perceptions
Motor Function : respnse to sensory input
muscle contraction + Gland activation
What are the divisons of the nervous system?
Central vs. Peripheral
Autonomic vs. Somatic
Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic
What is a Neuron and what is Parts of a Neuron?
Neurons react to changes and conduct impulses

Parts: 1. Cell Body (contains nucleus
2. Dendrites (receive impulse)
3. axons (carry impulse away)
surrounding or between neurons
give support to neurons
aka glial cells
5 types of Neuroglia cells?
1. Astrocytes
2. Ependymal
3. Microglial
4. Oligodendrocytes
*star shaped
*found between nervous tissue and blood cells
*Help regulate ion/nutrient levels.
*squamous shaped
* inner linings of special areas of brain
*mobile cells
*prtects CNS from infection
*surround axons of CNS
*form myelin, but no sheath
*surrounds axons of PNS
*found within a sheath (like a sock)
*speeds conduction of impulses
*form "white matter" of nervous tissue
*Form nodes of ranvier
*gaps between cells