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Define Performance and Learning
Performance: observable behavior(temporary)
Learning: change in capability of skill to perform relatively permenant imporvement in performance from parctise and experience
Name a few characteristics of Learning
a. set of processes (internal NS
b. acquired capability ofr responding (automatic)
c. not directly ovservable (inside NS)
d. relatively permaneant
e. an effect of practice and or experience
What two performance changes are observable during learning
1. Improvement (productivity)
2. Consistency (persistance: less variabliliy)
There are 3 types of response outcome measures..what are they?
1. time: the druation (run a mile, type a word
2. error: accuracy (# or % of errors in performance)
3. magnitude: measures quantity: height of jump
What are the Performance Curves
Linear: proportional performance gains over time
Negatively accelerated: dramatic performance gains with slowing down of performance after time (MOST COMMON)
Positively Accelerated: slow gains early then dramatic improvement later in practice
Ogive: improvement slow fast slow
(Time across the bottom and performance/performance errors on the side)
What are two limitations of Performance Curves
between subject variablity:masks subjects by averaging individuals
withing subject variab: individual performance
Scoring sensitivity: difficult or easy task effect performance
How can we make a better inference about learning
Retention test: after a period of no practice test performance
Transfer test: can we transfer info to another situation
What is the problem with performance curves and why can we not infer learning
performance curves are not learning curves and a plateau is a leveling off of performance