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Lore (n)
All knowledge of a subject belonging to one group.
Peril (n)
Dangers; risks.
Mirage (n)
An optical illustion, usually considered amazing.
Odd; strange.
Ardent (adj)
Having an intense feeling about something; passionate.
Condone (v)
To overlook; to allow; to forget.
Elude (v)
To escape unnoticed.
Stamina (n)
Endurance; physical or moral strength.
Futile (adj)
Not successful; useless
Agility (n)
Liveliness; quickness; suppleness.
Tangible (adj)
Capable of being touched or felt; having substance.
Disarming (adj)
Removing or overcoming suspicion; inspiring confidence.
Affable (adj)
Friendly; pleasant; easy to talk to.
Droll (adj)
Amusingly odd or comical;
Solicitously (adv)
With an expression of care or concern
Deplorable (adj)
deeply regrettable; unfortunate
Imperative (adj)
Absolutely necessary.
Zealous (adj)
Intensely devoted and enthusiastic
Uncanny (adj)
So remarkable as to seem unnatural
Amenity (n)
Something that adds to one's comfort or convenience.