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Did Rosamond live the key at Oliver's house?
No, she didn't.
Who went into the bank?
Nate, Oliver, and Sludge.
What does Oliver like to collect?
shiny things
What kind of round, shiny things are in a bank?
Coins. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters.
Name the first big, safe place where Nate looked for the key.
A bank.
What is this?
a doormat
What is this?
A mailbox
Who wanted to help Nate?....but Nate said, "NO!!!"
Did Rosamond leave the key at the bank?
Why did Nate go home at lunch time?
Because he was hungry
How long did Oliver say he would follow Nate?
How did Nate and Sludge lose Oliver?
They ran away from him.
Where did Nate crawl in the bank?
On the floor.
Who followed Nate and Sludge into the bank?
Who else has a key to Annie's house?
Her mother and father.
What does deposit mean --
Put money in the bank
Take money out of the bank
Put money in the bank
Who was breathing on the back of Nate's neck?
What was Fang wearing on the morning of his birthday?
a sweater and a collar
What is the sound of Fang's new name tag and license/
Why can't Annie have the party for Fang?
Because she lost her key and the door is locked.
What is Nate the Great's occupation?

Occupation means job.
He is a detective.
What did Sludge sniff in the alley?
A garbage can.
What did Nate hope about the party? Choose one.

It would be a long party. OR
It would be a short party.
a short party
Who does not like dog parties?
Annie's mother and father
What did Nate dream of eating for lunch?
Who is a pest?
Who was the only character who liked looking inside the garbage can?
Why did Nate think a garbage can was a perfect place to hide a key?
Because it was big and round and shiny and safe.
What did Annie lose?
Her house key
Why did Nate hope it would be a short party?
Because he did not want to sit next to Fang!!!!!!
Where did Nate find a fork?
In a kitchen drawer.
Was the key inside the garbage can?
No, it wasn't.
What did Nate give Sludge to eat?
A bone.
Why was Fang's collar a safe place to hang the key?
Because nobody would try to take off the key near Fang's teeth
Where did Rosamond hide Annie's key?
On Fang's collar
What color was Fang's new dog dish?
Where did hang Fang's silver bone?
on Fang's collar
Name two presents that Annie got for Fang.
Any two:
a new collar
a name tag
a little silver dog dish
a little silver bone
What is the only thing that Nate is afraid of?
Annie's dog Fang.
What is this?
A safety pin
What did Nate and Sludge get ready for in the morning?
For Fang's birthday party.
How many shiny, new things does Oliver collect each week?
One new thing
Name three shiny, silver things in the story.
Fang's bone
Fang's dish
Annie's key
How many cats does Rosamond have?
Why did Nate get "the seat of honor" at the birthday party.
because he solved the case.
because he found the key.
What is this shiny thing?
A tin can.
What is Annie's dog's name?
What is this?
A drainpipe
Spell "pancake"
If you spell it correctly. Move ahead two places.
Who came to Annie's house when she was shopping for Fang's presents?
Rosamond and her four cats.
What is this?
A badge
What did Nate need to eat his pancakes?
A knife, a fork, or a spoon/
A fork.
Who came to Nate's house on the morning of the birthday party.
Annie and Fang.
Why was Rosamond at Annie's house, when Annnie was not at home?
Rosamond was helping Annie get ready for the party.
True or false - Nate was happy to be at the party.
Who stayed in the yard while Annie went shopping?
What did Nate cook?
What is this shiny plant?
Poison ivy
What color was the bone that Annie bought for Fang?
What was on Annie's door when she came home from shopping?
A note
What is this?
A flower garden.
Who was in Annie's house when she came home from shopping?
Who else has a key to Annie's house?
Her mother and father.
What is this?
An eel
Who was at Rosamond's house when Annie went to look for her key?
Who looks very big and has great big teeth?
Which present had Annie forgotten to buy for Fang?
Who said, "You found the key. I knew I left it in a perfect place.
Who left a poem for Annie?
Why did Annie need Nate's help?
because she lost her key
Who wrote a poem and went home?
Who rang Nate's doorbell?
The place where Rosamond left the key is a square place.
Who is a strange person?
Who did Nate write a note for?
For his mother
Who did Annie give the "seat of honor" to at the birthday?
Rosamod left the key in a shine place.