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Who is the author of the book?
Dan Gutman
Who was the high school girl who wanted to help Whisper with soccer?
Ellie Gonzales
What grade and what postion did Ellie play on the soccer team?
She was a senior and she played goalkeeper
Why did Ellie want to help Whisper with soccer?
She reminded her of herself
How many weeks did Whisper have before the Million Dollar Kick?
Where did Ellie want Whisper to meet her and what time?
At the high school at 3:15pm
What book did Whisper want at the bookstore?
The History of Modern Art
How much did the book cost?
Who did Whisper run into at the bookstore?
Carmen Applegate
What lie did Carmen tell Whisper?
That she had kids
What science experiment did Dan Mills make for a better science grade?
Who is the Science Teacher?
Mr. McGrath
What experiment did Jess Kirby invent?
solar-powered flashlight without batteries
Why were the kids making fun of Whisper and Jess?
Because Whisper stuck up for Jess and they were teasing them that they were in love.
What 4 states are called "Tornado Alley"?
Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Nebraska
What year did the tornado kill 50 people?
Did Whisper decide to take the soccer shot?
What kind of drill did Whisper's school have?
A tornado drill
What club met at the highschool at 2:45pm?
Art Club meets in Room 101
Who was the teacher in charge of the Art Club?
Mrs. Hatfield
Where tragedy happened on April 19, 1995?
Timothy McVeigh set off a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah building and killed 168 people including 19 kids in a daycare center.
What is where the Alfred P. Murrah building was now?
A memorial with 168 chairs with big bronze slabs that say 9:01, 9:03
What time did the bomb go off on April 19, 1995?
What street did Ellie park her car on?
corner of Robinson Avenue
What building did Ellie take Whisper to practice soccer?
YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City
Where in the YMCA building did Ellie and Whisper pratice?
In the pool
What was the reason Ellie picked the pool?
Privacy and the balls would come back to you
What did Ellie do to Whisper's hair?
She pulled it back into a ponytail.
Is Whisper Left handed or Right?
How did Ellie test to see if Whisper was left handed?
She used a stone.
How did Ellie tell Whisper to kick the soccer ball?
The laces
What did Ellie use from her gym bag to determine how fast the ball was kicked?
A little device she got from Coach Bradley
How fast did Whisper kick her first ball?
5 mph
What homework assignment did Ellie give Whisper to help with her kicking?
Kick the ball 100 times, 50 left and 50 right
Where did Whisper go before soccer practice?
Art Club
Who were the 2 girls that Whisper met in the Art Club?
Mia and Mackenzie
What school was Whisper in?
What did Whisper paint in the Art Club?
She painted Mia's yellow shirt, pants, arms, face and feet
What did Ellie talk about with Whisper instead of practicing soccer?
Goalkeepers - know thine enemy
What did Ellie call goalkeepers?
master psychologist
What was the name of the paper that wrote about Carmen Applegate?
The Daily Oaklahoman
How old is Carmen?
After 3 weeks of practice, How many goals did Whisper kick?
What did Ellie set up for Whisper to kick "Called Sock Bowl?
10 soda cans
Who was the news paper anchor from The Daily Oaklahoman who wanted to interview Whisper again?
Bobby Fisk
Who decided to video tape Whisper practicing soccer to help her?
How many shots did Whisper have to practice everyday?
100 - 50 to the left and 50 to the right
What happened with the last shot of Whisper's practice?
It went through the garage door and the door panel and ball was on the car
What did Jess see on the tape that looked strange?
A person in the apartment across the street watching
Who did they discover was spying on Whisper?
Carmen Applegate
Where did Ellie have to go the weekend of the Million Dollar Kick?
to Texas to see her grandmother
Did Ellie want Whisper to practice soccer on the Saturday before the kick?
What did Whisper do on Saturday?
She made herself a sandwhich and packed up her art book and went into the woods.
Who frightened Whisper in the woods?
What was Jess doing in the woods?
He was recording trees falling
What did Whisper do to Jess in the woods?
She gave him a kiss
Who was in Whisper's living room when she got home from the woods?
Carmen Applegate
What did Carmen tell Whisper about the bet?
She bet her teamates $5,000
What did Carmen want Whisper to do?
She wanted her to kick the ball and then she could give Carment $5,000 to pay off her bet
What did Whisper think of Carmen and all of her stories?
She felt she lied
What was the date of the Million Dollar kick?
June 5
Where was the kick and what time?
Taft Stadium at 11:00am
What kind of uniform did Donut City give Whisper to wear?
Multicolor with a big numer 1 and 6 zeros shaped like donuts
What happened to Oaklahoma City the day of the big kick?
A Tornado
What happened to Carmen Applegate?
She was hurt and had a concussion and a broken leg
What hospital was Carmen in?
St. Anthony Hospital
What did the sign say at the stadium?
Sunday: Kick vs. Colorado Rapids
Whisper Nelson takes The Million Dollar kick
Who gave Whisper flowers when she entered into the stadium?
Joe Fine - The Daily Oaklahoman
What did the signs say that people were holding up?
Kick it Whisper, Kick Butt, Speak softly and Make a big Kick
What grade was Whisper in?
What was the name of her school?
Wilson Middle school
What was the crowd chanting at Whisper?
The Kick Kick Butt
Who was the goalie of the All-State champion Rogers High school soccer team?
Ellie Gonzales
Who was Whisper taking the million dollar kick against?
Ellie Gonzales
How did Whisper decide which way she was going to kick the ball?
Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a tiger by yhe toe. if he hollers let him go. Eenie meenie miney moe...Left
What 3 things did Whisper think could happen when she kicked the ball?
1st she could make it.
2nd she could miss it completely.
3rd the goalie could block it
What did the referree say about Whisper's kick?
Ellie stepped off the line before the ball was kicked.
Did Whisper get to kick the ball again?
Which way did Whisper decide to kick the second ball?
Did the ball go in?
Yes, It rolled off Ellie's back and went in
What message was on the scoreboard?
Whisper Nelson had just wond One million Dollars
What song was on the speakers?
We are the champions
What did Whisper do with the million dollars?
She gave it to high school so they would use it for real grass
What happened to the old YMCA.
They were tearing it down and redoing it.