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pestilence (n)
a contagious disease or illness that is devastating
emanate (verb)
to come out from a source
countenance / visage(n)
the face, especially as an indication of mood or emotion
masquerade (n)
a social gathering, or party where people wear masks and colorful costumes
reverie (n)
sagacious (adj.)
wise, or good at determining another's qualities
august (adj.)
marked by majestic dignity. Synonyms: lordly, magnificen
buffoon (n)
a silly-looking figure; CLOWN.
impede (verb)
to interfere with or slow the progress of.
dauntless (adj.)
marked by courage; FEARLESS
wane (verb)
to gradually lose influence or power.
scrutiny (n)
to look at closely, to inspect.
disconcert (verb)
to upset or disturb.
tremulous (adj.)
characterized by trembling, usually from nervousness.
propriety (n)
the customs or manners of a polite society; what is socially acceptable in behavior or speech.