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what is a lottery
a drawing of lots to which prizes are given to holder of winning ticket
what happens when someone
critize alot or brother/bug alot
When you take a survey what are you doing
looking at or examing things carefully
when you scold
you critize harsly
When someone has a ritual
they have a routine, or the follow something regularly
To have generations is to have
a group of people born at the same time or around the same time
doing something profusely
giving freely, plentiful,great pouring out,
A raid on a city is to
have a surprise an attack
If someone is is recultant(ly) to do something
they are offering resisitance, or don't do it willingly
If someone has a lot of paraphernalia
they have personal belongings
what is a tradition
passiong down something important from genration to generation
what is considered a household
family members who live under the same roof
if some does something boisteriously
abrupty or stormy
if you have clung to something before
hold onto
someone is jovial
they are jolly, happy
something that looks shabby
is worn out
if you discard something
throw it out