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Where was Shakespeare born and what was his birthday?
Stratford-Upon Avon, England; April 23, 1564
Who was the mother and father of Shakespeare and what were their jobs?
Mother: Mary Arden-from one of the wealthiest families in Stratford
Father: John Shakespeare-mayor of Stratford for many years
When did William marry and whom did he marry? (Ages too)
1582-William marries Anne Hathaway. Hew was 18; she was 26.
When was the birth of his first daughter and what was her name?
1582-birth of daughter, Susannah
When did he have twins? What were their names? When and whom died at what age?
1585-birth of twins, Hamnet and Judith; Hamnet dies at age 11
When did Shakespeare move to London to begin working as a what.
By 1592, Shakespeare had moved to London and began working as an actor.
When did Shakespeare begin his success as an playwright?
1594 shakespeare begins success as a playwright.