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What do we call eople who look for gold?
What is a synonym for the word toil?
Poising means
Rupert declined dessert. Declined means___
What is a suffix?
A syllable that is added to the end of a word to create a new word
The suffix -or- means ----
A person or thing that does something.
If you play on the stairs, you are liable to fall. Liable means ___
Name 2 reasons why Walt Masters was worried about the newcomers.
Their packs were light and they had very fast dogs.
Who wrote The King of Mazy May?
Jack London
Why do the claim jumpers chase Walt?
They don't want Walt to get to Dawson before them.
What signal word would fit best in the sentence: The men were planning to jump Loren Hall's clain, ------Walt stopped them?
Is it but or because
What is meant by conflict in a short story?
A conflict is the struggle between two opposing forces.
When Walt leaves the dying lead dog behind, is he being insensitive or showing good judgment?
In his situation, he is showing good judgment.
Why is the conflict important in a short story?
The conflict keeps the plot moving and it add suspense or interest.
Jack London says that Walt has "manliness." Here manliness means cleverness and strength, or courage and confidence?
Courage and confidence.
Why does Walt sometimes run beside the sled?
To keep warm