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Work Histories
Lesson 2.1
Overview 1 - Chapter 2
Students should become aware of the nature of a work history and undestand how this information can help them think about and plan for their own careers.
Overview 2 - Chapter 2
Work Histories - Lesson 2.1

This lesson defines a work history as all the jobs can holds in a wokring lifetime.

It demonstates that jobs can serve different purposes at different times in ones life.
Overview 3 - Chapter 2
Moving toward a stable job - lesson 2.2

This lesson defines a stable job as one that a person considers permanent.

It explains that many different routes lead to a stable job.

It also lists characteristics of stable jobs.
Preview - Work Histories - 2.1
The jobs you hold during your working life represent your unique work history.One person's work history
Overview 4 - Chapter 2
The future begins now - lesson 2.3

This lesson encourages students to take steps to influence the direction of their careers by working harder in school, changing habits, and attitudes that may hold them back in the workplace and taking additional courses to strenghten their academic background.