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What is the internet?
-The internet is a collection of interconnected networks
-it connects most of the worlds scientific, research, commercial, and educational networks
-coordinated by volunteers
Briefly explain the history of the internet.
-originated in 1969 as an experiment to connect computers of four universities
-called ARPANET at the time
-in 1990 ARPANET was eliminated, and evolved into the internet
What is the Internet2?
it is a high speed version of the internet, formed in 1996, uses fiber-optic cable with 9.6 Gbps connections
What is ICANN?
ICANN, is the internet corporation for assigned Names and Numbers: responsible for management of the internet domain name system (DNS)
What is Bandwidth?
-bandwidth describes the transmmission speed and capacity of a network(speed limit)
What types of internet connections are there?
1. NArrowband: dail-up (modem)
2. Broadband: DSL, cable, wireless, satellite
3. Direct: T1, T3, Frame Relay, SMDS, ATM Cell Relay
What is the difference between analog and Digital signals in regards with dial-up modems?
-digtial signals have two discrete states (eg. on or off)
-analog signals are variations of continous waveform (eg. sound waves?)
What is modulation?
when data is transfered over an analog device, digital signals are convereted into analog (modulation, and then back into digital at the other tend (demodulation)
are modems serial or parallel?
serial, they can only transfer one bit at a time
what is baud rate?
transmission speed used, its the number of bits per second
explain data compression
reduces the time it takes to send data from one modem to another by reducing the volume of the data
what is error correction?
when computers commuincate through telephone lines, data moves throught line so quickly that even the smallest amount of static can introduce significant errors
Compare cable modems and dsl modems
cable modems:
1. cable tv network (not tied to phone)
2. shared with neighbours
3. typically 1.5 to 3 Mbps but can be slower if neighbours are using it

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
1. high speed phone line
2. not shared, but must be close enought junction box
3. 6.1 Mps MAx but most are 512 to 1.5 Mbps
4. Asymmetric, faster to download thatn to upload
What are the speeds for Direct connections?
T1/E1 - 1.544 Mbps
T3 - 44.736 Mbps
Frame Relay - 56 Kbps to 1.536Mbps
SMDS(Switched Multimegabit Digital Service) - 1.17 Mbps to 34 Mbps
ATM Cell Relay (Asynchonous Transfer Mode) - 51.84 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps
What does the domain name system do?
retrieves ip address when the user types in the domain name on the web
What is a gopher?
it is a huge menue tree that allows you to keep choosing menu items until you find the information you need
What ie Telnet?
you can login to a remote computer using a telnet communication protocol.
what are five ways you can commmunicate through the internet?
email, mailing lists, network news, irc, video conferencing