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What are 2 organs on your lower arm?
Ulna & Radius
What are Carples, metacarples, and phalanges part of?
What is the organ above the patella on your leg?
What does your jaw allow you to do?
Bite, chew, and talk.
What are 2 organs in the leg?
Tiba & Fibula
What does the skull do?
Surrounds and protects the brain.
What do long bones do?
Provides long and sweeping movements. Allows you to leverage with great force. It also supports the weight of your body.
What does the scapula do?
Serves as an attachment for some muscles and tendons in the back. It aids movements of the arm and shoulder.
What does your hand do?
It allows very fine and persise movement.
What are arms and legs considered?
long bones
What does the rib cage do?
It encloses to protect the heart and lungs.
What does the pelvis do?
It protects soft organs in the lower part of the body (abs).
What does the patella do?
It protects the knee joint.
What's another name for pelvis?
Pelvic gerdle.
What's another name for sternum?
breast bone.
What does the clavicle do?
It supports the shoulder.
What are tarsles, metatarsles, and phalanges part of?
What part contains marrow to produce red blood cells?
Long bones.
What is another name for the Cranium?
What does the vertebra do?
It encloses and protects the spinal cord.
Where is the pelvis located?
What does the sternum do?
It has the same purpose as the rib cage. (To enclose and protect the major organs and blood vessles from damage).
Where is the CLavicle?
Shoulder blade.
What is the only movable part of your skull?
What are 2 other names for your vertebra?
Backbone & spinal columb.
What's another name for your jaw?
What's another name for the patella?
knee cap.
What does your foot do?
It allows you to stand and walk erect. It also allows you to balance.
What is the bone on your upper arm?