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When was the Hobbit originally published?
September 1937
Where did J.R.R. Tolkein work?
Oxford University
How did he begin the book?
Started it when he was working in Oxford and was tired of grading papers, then he wrote the first sentence of the Hobbit and made the map.
Between what years did he write the first version of the Hobbit?
Between 1929 and 1932
Was the Hobbit popular?
It was popular immediatly.
When did J.R.R. Tolkein start writing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?
He started in December 1937
When did he complete the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?
Where and when was he born?
Born in South Africa in 1892
When did his father die?
Where did he go to college?
Oxford University?
When did he die and at what age?
He died in 1973 at age 81.
What did he write that he thought was going to be more important than the Hobbit?
The Silmarillion
Who was J.R.R. Tolkein's first main character that he made up for the Hobbit?
Bladdthorin, a magical head dwarf.
How did he split his first main character in to two?
He made the head dwarf part as Thorin and the magical part into Gandalf.
Where did he get Gandalf's name?
He got his name from an old poem.