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What are the 2 parts of the pericardium?
Fibrous pericardium and Serous pericardium
What are the 2 layers of the serous pericardium?
Parietal and visceral layer
what is another name for the visceral layer of the serous pericardium?
What is the name of the slippery secretion found between the parietal and visceral layer of the serous pericardium?
pericardial fluid
Which type of pericarditis begins suddenly and is sometimes linked to a viral infection?
Acute pericarditis
What is the scratchy sound heard in acute pericarditis?
the visceral and parietal layer rubbing
What type of pericarditis begins gradually and is a build up of fluid?
Chronic pericarditis
what is cardiac tamponade?
a. fluid compressing the heart
b. thickening of the myocardium
c. hardening of the ventricle walls
d. the rubbing together of the serous layers
A. Fluid compressing the heart
Name the three layers of the cardiac wall
Epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium
what type of muscle is the myocardium?
a. smooth, involuntary
b. striated, involuntary
c. smooth, voluntary
d. striated, voluntary
B. Striated, involuntary
what type of tissue is the endocardium composed of?
a. connective tissue
b. endothelium
c. muscle tissue
d. epithelium
B. Endothelium
What is normaly the cause of myocarditis?
a. bacteria
b. fungus
c. plaque
d. rheumatic fever
D. rheumatic fever
what most commolny causes endocarditis?
what is the anme given for the anterior surface of the atria?
name the 3 veins that bring blood into the right atrium
superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, and coronary sinus
What is the oval depression of the interartrial seprtum know as?
a. foramen ovale
b. fossa ovalis
c. chordae tendineae
d. coronary sinus
B. fossa ovalis
What is the opening called in the interatrial septum of a fetus?
a. foramen ovale
b. fossa ovalis
c. chordae tendineae
d. ductus arteriosus
A. foramen ovale
What is the name of the valve leading from the right atrium to the right ventricle?
tricuspid valve
What are trabeculae carneae?
a. a series of ridges formed by cardiac muscle fibers?
b. tendon like cords
c. papillary muscles
d. A and C
where does the left atrium receive blood from?
pulmonary veins
what forms the apex of the heart?
left ventricle
what is the name of the temporary blood vessel that shunts bloods from the pulmonary trunk to the aorta?
a. ductus arteriosus
b. foramen ovale
c. fossa ovalis
d. interaortle septum
A. ductus arteriosus
What is the remnant of the ductus arteriosis called?
ligamentum artriosum
What are the valves of the aorta and the pulmonary trunk called?
Semilunar valves
what carries blood to the lungs?
Pulmonary arteries
What carries blood to the left atrium?
pulmonary veins
What is happening to the coronary arteries when the heart contracts?
a. a high pressure of blood flows through
b. they release nutrients and oxygen into surrounding tissues
c. blood is tranfered into the coronary veins
d. they squeeze shut
D they squeeze shut
the connections where two or more arteries supply the same region are called
a. stenosis
b. ductus arteriosus
c. anastomoses
d. conastomoses
C. anastomoses
where does the blood from the coronary veins enter back into the right atrium?
a. through the coronary sinus
b. coronary sulcus
c. myocardial valve
d. none of the above
A coronary sinus
where does blood drain from the myocardium?
a. coronary sinus
b. coronary sulcus
c. vascular sinus
d. all of the above
D. all of the above
a condition of reduced blood flow to the myocardium do to partially blocked arteries is called
a.myocardial ischemia
c. angina pectoris
d. cardiohyperoxia
A. myocardial ischemia
a completeobstruction to blood flow in a coronary artery is called
a. hypoxia
b. myocardial ischemia
c. myocardial infarction
d. none of the above
C. myocardial infarction