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Guilded Age
post civil war era, political corruption (based aaround industrialization,monopolies, growing economy/ Social Darwinism/ Cities grow (immigration, factories, blacks)/ westward expansion (railroads, farmers revolt)
corruption, industry
Ulysses S. Grant
sucessfully nagotiaed the end of the civil war, Political scandals, Black Friday (1869), 15th Amendment, panic of '73
political scandals
Jim Frisk dan Jay Gould
caused Black Friday
Thomas Nast
drew democratic donkey + greatly influenced public opinion
Horace Greeley
editor of New york Tribue
opposed Mexican war, woman suffrace, slavery
Pro unions, protective tariifs
"go west little man"
Roskoe Conkling
leader of scalawags (conservatice branch of republicans)
Ruthford B Hayes
Comp 1877 - ended military reconstruction
James A Garfield
Pres. tried to reunite republicans
Cheastar A Aruther
marked by honesty adn efficiancy
veto Chinese Exclusion act
Pendleton Act + civil service
Grover Cleveland
1st democrat pres since civil war
Repeal Sherman silver purchase
Send trops to Pullman Railroad Strike
tried to lower tariffs
Pullman Railraod Strike
Benjamin Harrison
pro McKinly Tariff + Sherman anti-trust Act
Tweed Ring
corrupt politician steal $ from NYC
Credit Mobilier
stockholders of Union Pacific Railroad bribe congressmen w/ shares of stock
bribe congressmen
Whiskey Ring
high federal officials give fake reports about production of whiskey to avoid taxes
Pendleton Act
created civil service committee to inspect gov jobs
Helped dismantle spoils system
conservative branch of republicans
Supported Ulyssses S Grant
Dislike Hayes ' reform programs (tariffs, civil service, Strong construction policy)
Compromise of 1877
In exchange of Hayes presidency Hayes removed troops from South ending military reconstruction adn taking away protection of newly freed blacks
Plessy v. Ferduson (1896)
separate but equal facilities are constitutional
separate but equal
Greenback labor Party
Formed to address problems of farmers, debtors
argued that increase amount of $ inc riculation will cause farm prices to rise and allow farmers to pay off debt
more $
Jim Crow Laws
state level legal codes against blacks
Rebublicans who refused to support republican canidate and instread supported Cleveand
radical republicans