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Riotous (adj.)
Disorderly, uncontrolled, boisterous, loud, reckless
Arresting (adj.)
Something noteworthy, that attracts attention or interest, makes you pause
Affected/unaffected/affectation (adj./n.)
False, artificial, phony, insincere, trying to impress
Sinister (adj.)
Threatening; evil or dishonest in a mysterious way
Wistful (adj.)
Longing or yearning for something one doesn't have
Supercilious (adj.)
Characterized by pride, scorn, or feelings of superiority
Fractious (adj.)
Irritable, unruly, ill-tempered, rebellious
Languid (adj.)
Drooping, lacking vigor or energy
Banter (n. or v.)
Light, frivolous back-and-forth discussion or teasing
Extemporize (v.)
To improvise, do something in a makeshift way
Peremptory (adj.)
Sharp and commanding, intolerant, decisive
Anaemic (adj.)
Lacking energy or spirit, sickly, bloodless
Defer to (v.)
To yield respectfully to the thoughts or opinions of others
Rakish (adj.)
Dashing, stylish, snazzy, in a carefree or jaunty way
Strident (adj.)
Harsh, grating, irritating, loud
Prodigal (adj.)
Prodigality (n.)
Recklessley extravagant, wasteful, lavish, abundant
Staid (adj.)
Sedate, sober, settled; at times, self-restrained in a prim way
Vacuous (adj.)
Empty, inane, stupid
Tortuous (adj.)
Twisted, winding, marked by bends and turns, circuitous or excessively involved
Florid (adj.)
Flowery (literal), ornate, sometimes tinged with red
Convivial (adj.)
Sociable, merry, jovial, fond of parties
Janty (adj.)
Lively, sprightly, carefree, self-confident
Racy (adj.)
Highly distinctive, original, pungent, zesty; risque or suggestive
Subterfuge (n.)
A deception, in order to escape or evade or conceal
Extremely attentive to detail; careful, exact, proper, polite
Harrowing (adj.)
Distressing, chilling, frightening
Meretricious (adj.)
Attractive but in a vulgar or deceitful way; superficially appealing
Ineffable (adj.)
Indescribable, unspeakable, unable to be expressed in words
Turgid (adj.)
Swollen, bloated, distended; with "journalism": overwrought, overly ornate, bombastic, overly lofty, sensational
Repose (v.)
In this sense (106): to place (as confidence or trust) in someone, to entrust, to place somewhere for management or use
Contingency (n.)
Contingent upon (adj.)
An event that is possible under certain conditions; something that happens by chance or accident; conditional upon
Ingratiate (v.)
To deliberately act in a way to gain favor with someone, to "kiss up"
Singular (adj)
Remarkable, unusual, striking, one-of-a-kind
Pander (v)
To cater to the lowest or most populist or vulgar tastes of others
Commensurate (adj.)
Proportionate, corresponding in amount or degree, measurable by a common standard
Inviolate (adj.)
Pure, not violated or profaned, unharmed, untouched