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Matthew 1
Genealogy, Jesus born
Matthew 2
Magi, Flight to Egypt, Herod slaughters Bethlehem babies
Matthew 3
John the Baptist, Jesus baptized
Matthew 4
Wilderness temptations, Galilean ministry, Fishermen called
Matthew 5
SotM: Beatitudes, 'You have heard.. but I say...'
Matthew 6
SotM: Deeds before men, Do not worry
Matthew 7
SotM: The way you judge, Seek and find, Do unto others, Wide and narrow gates, false teachers, foundations
Matthew 8
leper, centurion's servant, Peter's m-i-l healed, 'I will follow you wherever you go', Sea stilled, Gadarene demoniacs
Matthew 9
Paralytic, Matthew called, Question on fasting, Jairus' daughter
Matthew 10
12 disciples, instructions for mission
Matthew 11
John's questions, Jesus praises John, Unrepentant cities, 'Come to Me'
Matthew 12
Sabbath questions, Unpardonable sin, Craving for a Sign, Whoever does the will of my Father is My family
Matthew 13
Parables with seeds, leaven, tares, treasure, pearls, dragnet, Nazareth rejects Jesus
Matthew 14
John beheaded, 5,000 fed, Walking on water
Matthew 15
Traditions of men, Heart of man, Syrophoenician woman, Healings, 4,000 fed
Matthew 16
Pharisees test Jesus, leaven of Pharisees, Peter's confession, cost of discipleship
Matthew 17
Transfiguration, Demoniac, Tribute Money
Matthew 18
Become like children, Leaving the 99, Discipline and prayer, the wicked slave
Matthew 19
Divorce, Children, Rich young ruler
Matthew 20
Vineyard laborers, Death & resurrection foretold, sons of Zebedee, 2 blind men at Jericho
Matthew 21
Triumphal entry, Cleansing Temple, Barren fig tree, Authority challenged, parables of 2 sons and landowner
Matthew 22
Parable of Wedding Feast, Tribute to Caesar, Answering Sadducees
Matthew 23
Pharisaism condemned, Weeping over Jerusalem
Matthew 24
Coming of the Son of Man
Matthew 25
Parables of 10 virgins, talents, judgment
Matthew 26
Plot to kill Jesus, Costly perfume, Judas' bargain, last supper, Gethsemane, trial, Peter's denial
Matthew 27
Judas' remorse, Before Pilate, Mocking, Crucifixion, Burial
Matthew 28
Resurrection, Great Commission
John 1
The Word, Testimony of John, 'We have found the Messiah'
John 2
Water to Wine, Cleansing Temple
John 3
John 4
Living Water, Nobleman's son healed
John 5
Lame man healed, Making Himself equal with God, The resurrection, 4 witnesses
John 6
Bread of life
John 7
Brothers mock, Jesus speaks in the temple, crowd is divided
John 8
Adulterous woman, Light of the World, Truth will make you free
John 9
Blind man receives sight
John 10
Good Shepherd, I and My Father are One
John 11
Lazarus raised
John 12
Mary anoints Jesus, Triumphal entry, Greeks seek Jesus, He foretells death
John 13
Washing feet, Betrayal predicted
John 14
Do not let your heart be troubled, He who has seen Me has seen the Father, Another Helper
John 15
The True Vine, I have called you friends, You are not of the world
John 16
They will make you outcasts, The Helper, I will see you again, I am not alone
John 17
Jesus' prayer
John 18
Betrayal, Trial, Peter's denial
John 19
Crown of thorns, crucifixion, burial
John 20
Empty tomb, appearances
John 21
Jesus at Sea of Galilee, Do you love me?, Follow me
Mark 1
John the Baptist, Jesus preaches, Calling James and John, Casting out demon, Peter's m-i-l, leper
Mark 2
Paralytic healed, Matthew called, Pharisee's question
Mark 3
Man with withered hand, Withdrawing to sea, 12 chosen, the eternal sin, 'Who are My mother and My brothers?'
Mark 4
Parables with seeds, Stilling the sea
Mark 5
Gerasene demoniac, Jairus' daughter
Mark 6
Rejection at Nazareth, 12 sent out, John's fate recalled, 5,000 fed, Walking on water, Healings at Gennesaret
Mark 7
Teaching as doctrines the precepts of men, Syrophoenician woman
Mark 8
4,000 fed, Pharisees seek a sign, Blind man healed, Peter's confession
Mark 9
Transfiguration, Deaf and mute spirit cast out of boy, Death & Resurrection foretold, Where the worm doesn't die and fire isn't quenched
Mark 10
Divorce, Children, Rich young ruler, Jesus' sufferings foretold, James & John's request, Bartimaeus
Mark 11
Triumphal entry, Cleansing temple, Fig tree withered, Authority questioned
Mark 12
Parable of Vine growers, Answering Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes, Widow's mite
Mark 13
When will these things be?
Mark 14
Death plot, Anointing at Simon the leper's house, Last Passover, Lord's Supper, Gethsemane, Arrest, Trial, Peter's denial
Mark 15
Before Pilate, Mocking, Crucifixion, Burial
Mark 16
Empty tomb, Resurrection appearances and Commission
Luke 1
Births of John & Jesus foretold, Mary visits Elizabeth, John born, Zacharias' prophecy
Luke 2
Jesus' birth, Presented at Temple, Return to Nazareth, Visit to Jerusalem
Luke 3
John preaches, Jesus baptized, Genealogy of Jesus
Luke 4
Temptations in wilderness, Public ministry, Unclean demon cast out, many healed
Luke 5
Fishers of men, Leper healed, Paralytic healed, Matthew called
Luke 6
Pharisees accuse of breaking Sabbath, 12 chosen, Sermon on the plain
Luke 7
Centurion's servant, Widow's son at Nain, Questions from John, Anointed at house of Pharisee, Parable of 2 debtors
Luke 8
Ministering women, Parable of sower, of lamp, 'My mother and My brothers', Stilling the sea, Gerasene demoniac, Jairus' daughter
Luke 9
Ministry of 12, 5,000 fed, Peter's confession, Transfiguration, Boy with demon, Test of greatness, James and John want to call down fire, 'I will follow You wherever You go'
Luke 10
70 sent out, Happy results, Good Samaritan, Martha and Mary
Luke 11
Instruction on Prayer, Pharisees' blasphemy, Sign of Jonah, Woes upon Pharisees and lawyers
Luke 12
Secrets revealed, Do not be afraid, Everyone who confesses Me, 'Who made Me a judge or arbitrator?', Be dressed in readiness, Christ divides men
Luke 13
'Unless you repent', Healing on Sabbath, Parables of mustard seed and leaven, Strive to enter through the narrow door, It cannot be that a prophet would perish outside Jerusalem
Luke 14
Man with dropsy healed on Sabbath, Speaking to those who picked places of honor, Parable of people who made excuses, Discipleship tested
Luke 15
Lost sheep, coin, son
Luke 16
Unrighteous steward, Rich man and Lazarus
Luke 17
Stumbling blocks, Unworthy slaves, 10 lepers, Days of the Son of Man
Luke 18
The unrighteous judge, Pharisee and tax collector, Permit the children, Rich young ruler, Bartimaeus
Luke 19
Zaccheus, Parable of the minas, Triumphal entry, Temple cleansed
Luke 20
Authority questioned, Parable of vine growers, Tribute to Caesar, 'Which one's wife will she be?'
Luke 21
Widow's contribution, 'When will these things happen?'
Luke 22
Passover, Lord's Supper, Gethsemane, Betrayal, Arrest, Trial
Luke 23
Before Pilate and Herod, Crucifixion, Burial
Luke 24
Resurrection, Road to Emmaus, Other Appearances, Ascension