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What was the most important city of the Roman Empire?
What type of events took place in the Coliseum?
Gladiator fights, Chariot races and fights between lions and soldiers.
What does "Pax Romana" mean?
Everybody in the Roman Empire must obey Roman laws.
Did the Celts obey the Pax Romana?
No, they rebelled against the Romans.
What problem was the Roman Empire having?
The Roman Empire became so large, it couldn't fight off invaders.
Why did the Romans call the invading tribes "barbarians?"
Because the invaders didn't take baths, live in homes, or cook their food.
What were some of the names of the invading barbarian tribes?
Huns, Goths, Visigoths.
What did the emperor Diocletian do?
He divided the Roman Empire into two parts.
What were the two parts of the Roman Empire called?
Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire.
Did dividing the Roman Empire keep the Western Roman Empire strong and protected?
No, the barbarians conquered it anyway.