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sensitive and gentle; is given the Assignment of Caretaker of the Old
submits a plea to the Committee of Elders to place Gabriel in a family unit
falls into the river and is replaced during a special ceremony
becomes an Eight
learns the difference between "snack" and "smack" the hard way
appears to have been skipped in the Assignment Ceremony
describes Roberto's release ceremony as "wonderful"
sleeps fitfully at night
applied for release ten years before
The Giver
warns Jonas to stay away from the river
T/F - Both Jonas and Lily use the word "animal", but neither knows what it means.
T/F - Jonas eyes are unique.
T/F - Jonas thinks his sister's personality would be well-suited in an Assignment as Speaker.
T/F - Breaking the bragging and rudeness rules result in severe punishment.
T/F - Children's age groups are not important in their society.
T/F - Citizens are rarely concerned about children other than their own.
T/F - Students rarely finish their schooling.
T/F - After the Ceremony of Twelve, young people are known as adults.
T/F - When Jonas feels pain while receiving a memory, he is allowed to take relief-of-pain medication.
T/F - There is a possibility that all adults in the community are given the permission to lie.
In his ceremony, what does Jonas's Assignment turn out to be?
He will be the new Receiver.
Jonas receives rules he takes home from his Ceremony. This is NOT one of his new rules.
He will no longer share feelings every morning with his family.
This is NOT shown in The Community in the novel.
people who kill other people
Jonas mother discourages Lily from becoming a Birthmother because
the position holds very little honor in the society.
The first memory of pain Jonas receives is
a sunburn.
Jonas is told not to reveal any of the things he is learning in his training to his friends or others,
so, he maintains strict privacy about it.
Jonas has the special ability of "seeing beyond". What was The Giver's special ability?
hearing beyond
What is the first lie Jonas tells his parents?
that he had no dream the night before
In this community, if one of your children accidently dies
that child's name will be given to some other child born later.
Who was Rosemary?
The Giver's daughter
The Chief Elder is elected every ten years. The Chief Elder during this novel is
a woman.
Jonas is not permitted to apply for release because
if Jonas left the community, all the memories he had accumulated would enter the minds of the citizens and create chaos.
Jonas leaves The Community before the time he and The Giver had planned because
he finds out that Gabriel will be released the next morning and wants to save his life.
Jonas sees (or thinks he sees), as he nears the bottom of the hill on the sled,
colored lights in the windows of houses.