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Name two ways that Jonas is different from other people.
Light eyes
strange powers of perception that he doesn't understand - for example, color.
What are some of Jonas' qualities as a person?
-unusually thoughtful
-great concern for people, cares about their welfare
Describe Jonas' father.
1. Nurturer
2. tender-hearted
3. affectionate and playful
4. obedient - releases children
Describe Jonas' mother.
1. Works at Dept. of Justice
2. Takes work seriously, helping people understand their mistakes.
3. Practical, gives Jonas advice.
Describe Lily.
1. 7 years old
2. very chatty and can't keep her mouth shut.
3. very practical and well-informed for her age.
Describe Gabriel.
1.newchild cared for by Jonas' family.
2. sweet during the day, sleepless at night.
Describe Asher
1. Jonas' best friend.
2. fun-loving - becomes Asst. Director of Recreation.
3. Too hasty - always mixes up his words because he talks too fast.
Describe Fiona
1. A friend of Jonas'.
2. Has red hair only Jonas can see.
3. Caretaker in House of the Old.
4. Jonas has first "stirrings" in dream about her.
Describe Larissa
1. woman living in the House of the Old.
2. Jonas shares a pleasant conversation with her while bathing.
3. She represents a kind of freedom to him (can be naked, gossips, etc.)
Describe the Chief Elder
1. elected leader of community.
2. full of affection for all of the children (knows their names and an anecdote about each).
What are the negative things in life that the society has eliminated?
fear, pain, hunger, illness, conflict, hatred, uncertainty.
What have the people given up or had to accept in order to eliminate the bad things?
Given up: close family connections and loyalty; sexuality; choice of careers, marriages, child birth.
Had to accept: the subjugation of the individual to the community; constant government monitoring of individual behavior.
How is the memory of the sled ride that the Giver first gives Jonas foreshadowing?
Jonas and Gabriel find a sled that takes them to safety at the end of the books.