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Who was fighting in the French and Indian War?
British vs. French & Indians.
Who was sent to the fork of the 3 rivers to build a fort for the British?
Who was the British General that tried to fight European style?
Who was the British General that died while capturing Quebec?
General Wolfe.
Who was the French General that died trying to defend Quebec?
Matt needs to find out.
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that increased the War effort?
Matt needs to find out.
Why were Great Britain and France fighting this War?
The fur trade and the control over the rivers.
Why did Indians fight for the French?
The French respected the Indian's language, customs, etc.
When did the French & Indian War take place?
1754 to 1763.
Describe the British claims in North America in 1754:
Matt needs to find out.
Describe the French claims in North America in 1754?
Matt needs to find out.
Where are Quebec and Montreal located?
Along the St. Lawrence
What was the opening battle of the War?
Braddock's defeat.
What was the turning point of the War?
Battle of Quebec.
What type of warefare was used on the continent of Europe?
What type of warfare was more successful in North America?
Indian style.
What was the plan for the colonies to unite to defend themselves?
Albany plan of union.
Who proposed the Albany plan of union?
Ben Franklin.
What was the Treaty that ended this War?
The Treaty of 1763.