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What are the different types of fossilized materials?
Specimans in amber trees (fossil tree resin)
Permafrost (frozen ground)
Dry caves (holds remains of organisms)
Preserved in rock sediments
Trace fossils (footprints in burrows & poop)
How are rocks in fossils preserved?
Calcium in bone tissue is mineralized
What is relative dating; what is absolute dating?
Relative-> Younger sediments are layered on top of older sediments

Absolute-> Putting actual # time (based on isotopes)
What is the Cambrian Explosion? When did it occur?
The rapid diversification of animal body types that began 543mya during ??
What is a mass extinction? How many are there in the paleontolgical record?
Rapid extinction of an unusually large # of diverse evolutionary groups across a wide geographic area/may occur due to sudden extradonery environmental changes
What is the sixth mass extinction?
Chessie Terry is such a FAGGGGGG!!! :X

Present day extinction humans are facing today (huge)
What are some of the putative causes for the Permian mass extinction? When did it occur? What percentage of species went extinct?
1> Pangea
2> Climate function
3> Massive volcanic eruptions
4> NO mixing of oceans (reduce in O2)

Occured 290-250 mya

96% of all marine species
When was the KT mass extinction?
Asteroid struck the earth & caused widespread destruction
What is the evidence that points to an asteriod strike as the trigger fo the KT extinction?
1> iridium
2> shocked quartz
3> microtektites
4>crater found in Yucatan peninsula
Timing & general characteristics of Paleozoic
Paleozoic- origin and early diversification of animals, land plants & fungi 543 mya-250 mya
Timing & general characteristics of Pre-Cambrian
4.6 billion-> 543 mya origin of life, photosynthesis, and oxygen atmosphere
Timing & general characteristics of Mesozoic
250 mya-65mya "Age of reptiles"
Timing & general characteristics of Cenozoic
65 mya->present "Age of mammals"
Timing & general characteristics of Cambrian
570 – 515 MYA; 3 major fossil assemblages